OMIA:000194-9913 : Citrullinaemia in Bos taurus (taurine cattle)

In other species: indicine cattle (zebu)

Categories: Homeostasis / metabolism phene

Links to possible relevant human trait(s) and/or gene(s) in OMIM: 215700 (trait) , 603470 (gene)

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Mendelian trait/disorder: yes

Mode of inheritance: Autosomal recessive

Considered a defect: yes

Key variant known: yes

Year key variant first reported: 1989

Cross-species summary: The clinical signs of this disorder result from ammonia poisoning, due to a fault in the urea cycle. This cycle is the biochemical process by which potentially toxic ammonia (a by-product of catabolism of proteins) is converted to urea, which is excreted in urine. The fault in the cycle arises from a deficiency of one of the enzymes involved in the cycle, namely argininosuccinate synthetase (ASS). The absence of this enzyme leads to a buildup of citrulline and, more seriously, of ammonia.

Species-specific description: To date, all cases of this lethal disorder in cattle appear to be due to the same mutation, namely a nonsense mutation in the 5th of 9 exons of the ASS gene. Normal bovine ASS is a peptide containing 412 amino acids; the mutation occurs in the 86th codon.

Mapping: 11q28

Molecular basis: By cloning and sequencing a very likely comparative candidate gene (based on the homologous human disorder), Dennis et al. (1989) reported the causative mutation as a C>T transition, altering arginine-86 (CGA) to a nonsense codon (TGA) (Mohammad Shariflou 10/11/2006; FN 19 Sept 2012).

Clinical features: Normal at birth, but signs of depression within a few hours; tongue protrusion; unsteady gait; aimless wandering; frothing at mouth; head pressing; death within 3-5 days

Genetic testing: The .0001 mutation destroys a recognition sequence for the restriction enzyme AvaI, thereby generating an RFLP. Dennis et al. (1989) developed a PCR genotyping test based on this RFLP, with primers 100 bp on either side of the mutation site. After AvaI digestion of the PCR product, homozygous normals show a single 100-bp band (containing the fragments on either side of the mutation site), heterozygotes show a 100-bp band and a 200-bp band, and affected calves show a 200-bp band only. This test is now regularly performed on hair follicles, which are far easier to collect from the field than blood (Healy, pers. comm.).

Breeds: Blanco Orejinegro, Colombia (Cattle) (VBO_0004602), Brown Swiss (Cattle) (VBO_0000166), Holstein Friesian (Cattle) (VBO_0000239).
Breeds in which the phene has been documented. (If a likely causal variant has been documented for the phene, see the variant table breeds in which the variant has been reported).

Associated gene:

Symbol Description Species Chr Location OMIA gene details page Other Links
ASS1 argininosuccinate synthase 1 Bos taurus 11 NC_037338.1 (100770227..100822223) ASS1 Homologene, Ensembl , NCBI gene


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OMIA Variant ID Breed(s) Variant Phenotype Gene Allele Type of Variant Source of Genetic Variant Reference Sequence Chr. g. or m. c. or n. p. Verbal Description EVA ID Year Published PubMed ID(s) Acknowledgements
289 Blanco Orejinegro, Colombia (Cattle) Brown Swiss (Cattle) Holstein Friesian (Cattle) Citrullinaemia ASS1 nonsense (stop-gain) Naturally occurring variant ARS-UCD1.2 11 g.100781668C>T c.256C>T p.(R86*) Variant initially identified in Holstein Friesian and later reported in additional breeds: PMID:30014197, PMID:34779908. 1989 2813370 Variant coordinates obtained from or confirmed by EBI's Some Effect Predictor (VEP) tool; Breed information kindly provided or confirmed by Matt McClure and Jennifer McClure from "Understanding Genetics and Complete Genetic Disease and Trait Definition (Expanded 2016 Edition)" (

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