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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common Name Gene Year Key Mutation First Reported Date Last Modified
OMIA:002317-9986 Abnormal gait, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, RORB-related Oryctolagus cuniculus rabbit RORB 2021 2022-10-31
OMIA:001499-9615 Aggression Canis lupus familiaris dog 2013-05-21
OMIA:001499-9823 Aggression Sus scrofa pig 2023-10-15
OMIA:001091-9913 Ataxia, progressive Bos taurus taurine cattle 2011-10-18
OMIA:001091-9615 Ataxia, progressive Canis lupus familiaris dog 2005-09-06
OMIA:001091-9823 Ataxia, progressive Sus scrofa pig 2009-12-01
OMIA:001882-9615 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Canis lupus familiaris dog 2013-09-18
OMIA:001815-9544 Autism spectrum disorder Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey 2023-07-26
OMIA:001815-59729 Autism spectrum disorder Taeniopygia guttata zebra finch 2013-05-23
OMIA:002328-194338 Behaviour Athene cunicularia burrowing owl 2023-04-22
OMIA:002328-9915 Behaviour Bos indicus indicine cattle (zebu) 2023-05-29
OMIA:002328-9913 Behaviour Bos taurus taurine cattle 2023-11-03
OMIA:002328-9483 Behaviour Callithrix jacchus white-tufted-ear marmoset 2023-01-13
OMIA:002328-9615 Behaviour Canis lupus familiaris dog 2021-10-18
OMIA:002328-9925 Behaviour Capra hircus goat 2023-06-25
OMIA:002328-91951 Behaviour Catharus ustulatus Swainson's thrush 2024-05-02
OMIA:002328-9796 Behaviour Equus caballus horse 2023-02-27
OMIA:002328-9685 Behaviour Felis catus domestic cat 2021-09-18
OMIA:002328-9031 Behaviour Gallus gallus chicken 2021-11-04
OMIA:002328-9544 Behaviour Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey 2023-10-12
OMIA:002328-8022 Behaviour Oncorhynchus mykiss rainbow trout 2023-07-18
OMIA:002328-9986 Behaviour Oryctolagus cuniculus rabbit 2024-02-28
OMIA:002328-8090 Behaviour Oryzias latipes Japanese medaka 2023-12-18
OMIA:002328-9940 Behaviour Ovis aries sheep 2023-04-01
OMIA:002328-9597 Behaviour Pan paniscus pygmy chimpanzee 2024-01-12
OMIA:002328-9598 Behaviour Pan troglodytes chimpanzee 2024-01-11
OMIA:002328-9556 Behaviour Papio cynocephalus Yellow baboon 2023-04-26
OMIA:002328-9557 Behaviour Papio hamadryas hamadryas baboon 2023-06-05
OMIA:002328-100937 Behaviour Papio papio Guinea baboon 2023-06-05
OMIA:002328-9157 Behaviour Parus major Great Tit 2023-07-20
OMIA:002328-10040 Behaviour Peromyscus deer mice 2023-07-19
OMIA:002328-181119 Behaviour Pseudopodoces humilis Tibetan ground-tit 2023-08-29
OMIA:002328-9823 Behaviour Sus scrofa pig 2023-03-18
OMIA:002328-48155 Behaviour Sylvia atricapilla blackcap 2024-02-07
OMIA:002328-644770 Behaviour Taeniopygia castanotis Australian zebra finch 2024-04-07
OMIA:000143-9103 Bobber Meleagris gallopavo turkey 2005-09-06
OMIA:001647-10042 Boggler Peromyscus maniculatus North American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA:001530-9615 Compulsive disorder Canis lupus familiaris dog 2013-05-21
OMIA:001270-9913 Convulsions and ataxia, familial Bos taurus taurine cattle CACNA1A 2024 2024-05-08
OMIA:000238-8932 Crazy Columba livia rock pigeon 2016-08-05
OMIA:000238-9031 Crazy Gallus gallus chicken 2011-10-04
OMIA:000241-9796 Cribbing Equus caballus horse 2011-11-04
OMIA:001643-10036 Duper Mesocricetus auratus golden hamster Cry1 2022 2022-09-14
OMIA:001543-9615 Dyskinesia, paroxysmal Canis lupus familiaris dog 2023-01-12
OMIA:001543-9685 Dyskinesia, paroxysmal Felis catus domestic cat 2021-08-06
OMIA:000344-9913 Epilepsy Bos taurus taurine cattle

Gene not yet published

OMIA:000344-9483 Epilepsy Callithrix jacchus white-tufted-ear marmoset 2022-02-13
OMIA:000344-9615 Epilepsy Canis lupus familiaris dog 2023-03-12
OMIA:000344-9796 Epilepsy Equus caballus horse 2011-12-18
OMIA:000344-9685 Epilepsy Felis catus domestic cat 2023-01-09
OMIA:000344-9031 Epilepsy Gallus gallus chicken LOC430486 2011 2011-12-09
OMIA:000344-10047 Epilepsy Meriones unguiculatus Mongolian gerbil 2011-11-27
OMIA:000344-10036 Epilepsy Mesocricetus auratus golden hamster 2024-01-23
OMIA:000344-79684 Epilepsy Microtus ochrogaster prairie vole 2023-08-07
OMIA:000344-9986 Epilepsy Oryctolagus cuniculus rabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA:000344-9823 Epilepsy Sus scrofa pig 2024-05-02
OMIA:001596-9615 Epilepsy, benign familial juvenile Canis lupus familiaris dog LGI2 2011 2023-05-03
OMIA:002095-9615 Epilepsy, generalized myoclonic, with photosensitivity Canis lupus familiaris dog DIRAS1 2017 2023-05-29
OMIA:001757-9796 Epilepsy, juvenile idiopathic Equus caballus horse 2023-05-07
OMIA:002324-9615 Epilepsy, mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration, PITRM1-related Canis lupus familiaris dog PITRM1 2021 2021-04-14
OMIA:002025-8932 Erratic Columba livia rock pigeon 2016-08-05
OMIA:001414-183525 Hearing and song Empidonax difficilis Pacific-slope flycatcher 2023-06-01
OMIA:001414-209626 Hearing and song Empidonax occidentalis Cordilleran flycatcher 2023-06-01
OMIA:001414-240722 Hearing and song Pogoniulus chrysoconus yellow-fronted tinkerbird 2024-05-02
OMIA:001414-488313 Hearing and song Pogoniulus pusillus red-fronted tinkerbird 2024-05-02
OMIA:001414-9135 Hearing and song Serinus canaria common canary 2005-09-18
OMIA:000503-9615 Hyperkinesis Canis lupus familiaris dog 2022-10-14
OMIA:000506-9913 Hypermetria Bos taurus taurine cattle 2005-09-06
OMIA:001770-9796 Impaired balance Equus caballus horse 2013-02-06
OMIA:000579-9913 Lameness Bos taurus taurine cattle 2023-01-13
OMIA:000579-9615 Lameness Canis lupus familiaris dog 2017-01-30
OMIA:000579-9925 Lameness Capra hircus goat 2023-04-29
OMIA:000579-9796 Lameness Equus caballus horse 2005-09-06
OMIA:000579-9031 Lameness Gallus gallus chicken 2023-06-15
OMIA:000608-93934 Loco, congenital Coturnix japonica Japanese quail 2013-06-09
OMIA:000608-9031 Loco, congenital Gallus gallus chicken 2024-01-18
OMIA:000608-9103 Loco, congenital Meleagris gallopavo turkey 2011-10-24
OMIA:000690-9852 Myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora Alces alces Eurasian elk 2023-01-13
OMIA:000690-9913 Myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora Bos taurus taurine cattle 2005-09-06
OMIA:000690-9615 Myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora Canis lupus familiaris dog NHLRC1 2005 2021-09-18
OMIA:000690-9685 Myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora Felis catus domestic cat 2019-04-15
OMIA:000690-68732 Myoclonus epilepsy of Lafora Vulpes zerda fennec fox 2019-04-15
OMIA:000703-9615 Narcolepsy Canis lupus familiaris dog HCRTR2 1999 2024-05-22
OMIA:000703-9796 Narcolepsy Equus caballus horse 2005-09-06
OMIA:000703-9685 Narcolepsy Felis catus domestic cat 2010-11-05
OMIA:000703-9940 Narcolepsy Ovis aries sheep 2005-09-06
OMIA:000705-9031 Neck, arched Gallus gallus chicken 2022-10-29
OMIA:000713-9615 Nervous Canis lupus familiaris dog 2022-10-20
OMIA:002815-8090 NPY2R deficiency Oryzias latipes Japanese medaka npy2r 2023 2024-01-17
OMIA:000768-93934 Paralysis Coturnix japonica Japanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA:000772-9031 Paroxysm Gallus gallus chicken 2022-10-29
OMIA:002402-9615 Phelan-McDermid syndrome Canis lupus familiaris dog 2023-12-18
OMIA:002402-9541 Phelan-McDermid syndrome Macaca fascicularis crab-eating macaque 2023-12-18
OMIA:000800-9031 Pirouette Gallus gallus chicken 2011-05-27
OMIA:000812-9031 Polydipsia Gallus gallus chicken 2005-09-06
OMIA:001934-9913 Ptosis, intellectual disability, retarded growth and mortality (PIRM) syndrome (Haplotype AH1) Bos taurus taurine cattle UBE3B 2014 2019-04-11
OMIA:000846-10036 Quaking Mesocricetus auratus golden hamster 2022-10-29
OMIA:002545-9615 Repetitive behaviour Canis lupus familiaris dog 2022-03-29
OMIA:002545-10042 Repetitive behaviour Peromyscus maniculatus North American deer mouse 2023-01-10
OMIA:001655-8932 Roller and Tumbler Columba livia rock pigeon 2013-08-05
OMIA:000893-452646 Screw neck Neovison vison American mink 2022-10-29
OMIA:001161-9796 Self-mutilation syndrome Equus caballus horse 2005-09-06
OMIA:000927-9913 Spasms, congenital, lethal Bos taurus taurine cattle 2022-10-29
OMIA:001459-9615 Stereotypes Canis lupus familiaris dog 2008-09-09
OMIA:002115-9612 Stereotypical hypersociability Canis lupus gray wolf 2022-10-28
OMIA:002115-9615 Stereotypical hypersociability Canis lupus familiaris dog 2017-08-15
OMIA:000950-9913 Stringhalt Bos taurus taurine cattle 2005-09-06
OMIA:000950-9796 Stringhalt Equus caballus horse 2022-09-11
OMIA:000971-9615 Tail chasing Canis lupus familiaris dog 2011-10-17
OMIA:001644-10036 Tau Mesocricetus auratus golden hamster 2020-08-20
OMIA:000993-9103 Tetanic torticollar spasms Meleagris gallopavo turkey 2005-09-06
OMIA:001010-9031 Tipsy Gallus gallus chicken 2005-09-06
OMIA:001012-9913 Tongue-wagging Bos taurus taurine cattle 2022-11-03
OMIA:001050-9103 Vibrator Meleagris gallopavo turkey 2005-09-06
OMIA:001123-10053 Waltzing Microtus meadow voles 2005-09-06
OMIA:002026-8932 Wobbly Columba livia rock pigeon 2016-08-05