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OMIA ID Phene Species Scientific Name Species Common NameGene Year Key Mutation First ReportedDate Last Modified
OMIA 002033-9913A2 milkBos tauruscattle CSN2 2021-08-22
OMIA 002033-89462A2 milkBubalus bubaliswater buffalo 2021-02-11
OMIA 002317-9986abnormal gait, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, RORB-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit RORB 2021 2021-04-06
OMIA 002083-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), ANXA10-relatedBos tauruscattle ANXA10 2016 2016-12-01
OMIA 002132-9615Abortion (embryonic lethality), BTBD17-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog BTBD17 2017 2017-10-24
OMIA 002042-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), EXOSC4-relatedBos tauruscattle EXOSC4 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002043-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), MED22-relatedBos tauruscattle MED22 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002039-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), MYH6-relatedBos tauruscattle MYH6 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002035-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), OBFC1-relatedBos tauruscattle OBFC1 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002037-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), RABGGTB-relatedBos tauruscattle RABGGTB 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002038-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), RNF20-relatedBos tauruscattle RNF20 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002041-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), RPIA-relatedBos tauruscattle RPIA 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002040-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), SNAPC4-relatedBos tauruscattle SNAPC4 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 002036-9913Abortion (embryonic lethality), TTF1-relatedBos tauruscattle TTF1 2016 2016-09-01
OMIA 001565-9913Abortion and stillbirth, MIMT1-relatedBos tauruscattle MIMT1 2010 2013-05-17
OMIA 002178-9823Abortion, BBS9 and BMPER-relatedSus scrofapig sBMPER, BBS9 2018 2021-08-24
OMIA 002183-9823Abortion, PNKP-relatedSus scrofapig PNKP 2019 2021-08-24
OMIA 002181-9823Abortion, POLR1B-relatedSus scrofapig POLR1B 2019 2021-08-24
OMIA 002180-9823Abortion, TADA2A-relatedSus scrofapig TADA2A 2019 2021-08-24
OMIA 002182-9823Abortion, URB1-relatedSus scrofapig URB1 2019 2021-08-24
OMIA 001926-9913Achondrogenesis, type IIBos tauruscattle COL2A1 2014 2020-12-15
OMIA 001926-9823Achondrogenesis, type IISus scrofapig 2020-06-02
OMIA 000004-9913AchondroplasiaBos tauruscattle 2011-03-18
OMIA 000006-9031Achondroplasia, creeperGallus galluschicken IHH 2016 2016-08-04
OMIA 001996-9986Achondroplasia-1Oryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001997-9986Achondroplasia-2Oryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-05-03
OMIA 001481-9615Achromatopsia-2, CNGA3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CNGA3 2015 2015-12-31
OMIA 001481-9940Achromatopsia-2, CNGA3-relatedOvis ariessheep CNGA3 2010 2022-01-14
OMIA 001365-9913Achromatopsia-3, CNGB3-relatedBos tauruscattle CNGB3 2021 2021-12-24
OMIA 001365-9615Achromatopsia-3, CNGB3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CNGB3 2002 2021-12-24
OMIA 000007-9031AchromatosisGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 001514-9615Acral mutilation syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog GDNF 2016 2021-08-16
OMIA 001999-9986AcrobatOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 000593-9913Acrodermatitis enteropathicaBos tauruscattle SLC39A4 2002 2012-12-05
OMIA 000593-9685Acrodermatitis enteropathicaFelis catusdomestic cat SLC39A4 2021 2021-10-03
OMIA 002146-9615Acrodermatitis, lethalCanis lupus familiarisdog MKLN1 2018 2018-04-04
OMIA 000010-9913Acroteriasis congenitaBos tauruscattle 2011-03-18
OMIA 002209-7950Adaptation to a red-shifted light environmentClupea harengusAtlantic herring rho 2019 2019-09-13
OMIA 000017-9986Adrenal hyperplasia, congenitalOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit CYP11A1 1993 2012-01-22
OMIA 001661-9685Adrenal hyperplasia, congenital, due to 11-beta hydroxylase deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat CYP11B1 2012 2021-08-22
OMIA 002060-9541Adrenal hypoplasia, congenitalMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque 2016-10-18
OMIA 000018-9615Afibrinogenaemia or hypofibrinogenaemiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-08-13
OMIA 000018-9925Afibrinogenaemia or hypofibrinogenaemiaCapra hircusgoat 2005-09-06
OMIA 002382-9615Afibrinogenaemia, FGA-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog FGA 2021 2021-08-13
OMIA 002007-9986Agenesis, renalOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-05-03
OMIA 001208-9615Alexander diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog GFAP 2016 2021-08-06
OMIA 000030-9615Alopecia, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-08-05
OMIA 000030-9031Alopecia, genericGallus galluschicken 2012-11-28
OMIA 000032-9669Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiencyMustela putorius furodomestic ferret SERPINA1 2018 2022-02-12
OMIA 002538-9541Alzheimer disease, APP-relatedMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque APP 2020 2022-03-19
OMIA 002538-9823Alzheimer disease, APP-relatedSus scrofapig APP 2009 2022-03-19
OMIA 002493-9823Alzheimer disease, PSEN1-relatedSus scrofapig PSEN1 2013 2022-03-19
OMIA 002177-9615Amelogenesis imperfecta, ACP4-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ACPT 2019 2022-02-04
OMIA 001805-9615Amelogenesis imperfecta, ENAM-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ENAM 2013 2019-03-20
OMIA 000035-9031Ametapodia-1Gallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 001636-9031Ametapodia-2Gallus galluschicken 2021-08-26
OMIA 000036-9913AmputatedBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 002491-9823Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, SOD1-relatedSus scrofapig 2022-01-09
OMIA 002492-9541Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, TARDBP-relatedMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque 2022-01-09
OMIA 002492-9544Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, TARDBP-relatedMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey 2022-01-09
OMIA 002492-9823Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, TARDBP-relatedSus scrofapig 2022-01-09
OMIA 000042-9031AnalphalipoproteinaemiaGallus galluschicken ABCA1 2002 2012-09-21
OMIA 000991-9913Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)Bos tauruscattle 2005-09-06
OMIA 000991-9615Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)Canis lupus familiarisdog 2021-08-22
OMIA 000991-9796Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)Equus caballushorse AR 2012 2022-04-30
OMIA 000991-9685Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)Felis catusdomestic cat 2011-09-07
OMIA 000543-9913Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, EDA-relatedBos tauruscattle EDA 2001 2021-03-20
OMIA 000543-9615Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, EDA-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog EDA 2005 2021-06-17
OMIA 002128-9913Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, EDAR-relatedBos tauruscattle EDAR 2017 2017-09-19
OMIA 000045-9796Aniridia with cataractEquus caballushorse 2011-11-27
OMIA 000047-9913Ankylosis, generalisedBos tauruscattle 2011-03-18
OMIA 001556-9913Ankylosis, jawBos tauruscattle 2011-03-18
OMIA 001740-9031Apterylosis (autosomal nakedness)Gallus galluschicken 2012-11-23
OMIA 001541-9913Arachnomelia, MOCS1-relatedBos tauruscattle MOCS1 2011 2013-12-30
OMIA 000059-9913Arachnomelia, SUOX-relatedBos tauruscattle SUOX 2010 2020-05-26
OMIA 000060-9940ArgininaemiaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002135-9913Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, AGRN-relatedBos tauruscattle AGRN 2011 2019-08-21
OMIA 002022-9913Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, CHRNB1-relatedBos tauruscattle CHRNB1 2016 2016-08-04
OMIA 001465-9940Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, genericOvis ariessheep 2010-11-16
OMIA 001465-9823Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, genericSus scrofapig 2020-07-24
OMIA 002283-9823Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, KIF21A-relatedSus scrofapig KIF21A 2020 2020-07-24
OMIA 001978-9913Arthrogryposis, distal, type 1BBos tauruscattle MYBPC1 2015 2015-12-31
OMIA 000069-9940Arthrogryposis, genericOvis ariessheep 2011-02-11
OMIA 001953-9913Arthrogryposis, lethal syndromeBos tauruscattle PIGH 2015 2015-04-19
OMIA 002167-9913AsthenospermiaBos tauruscattle CCDC189 2019 2019-04-15
OMIA 002044-9823Ataxia telangiectasiaSus scrofapig 2016-10-17
OMIA 002110-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, ATP1B2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ATP1B2 2017 2017-07-06
OMIA 001913-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, juvenile to adolescent, RAB24-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog RAB24 2014 2017-07-07
OMIA 002240-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, KCNIP4-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog KCNIP4 2020 2020-02-03
OMIA 002089-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, KCNJ10-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog KCNJ10 2014 2021-11-02
OMIA 000078-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, neonatal, GRM1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog GRM1 2011 2017-07-07
OMIA 001692-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, progressive early-onset, SEL1L-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SEL1L 2012 2017-07-07
OMIA 002367-9615Ataxia, cerebellar, SELENOP-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SEPP1 2021 2021-08-11
OMIA 001723-9940Ataxia, familial episodic spinocerebellarOvis ariessheep FGF14 2017 2021-09-10
OMIA 000077-9986Ataxia, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 002522-9615Ataxia, HACE1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog HACE1 2022 2022-01-29
OMIA 001091-9823Ataxia, progressiveSus scrofapig 2009-12-01
OMIA 002473-9483Ataxia, spinocerebellar, ATXN3-relatedCallithrix jacchuswhite-tufted-ear marmoset ATXN3 2020 2021-11-04
OMIA 001820-9615Ataxia, spinocerebellar, CAPN1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog CAPN1 2013 2019-01-26
OMIA 002097-9615Ataxia, spinocerebellar, ITPR1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ITPR1 2015 2017-07-07
OMIA 002194-9615Ataxia, spinocerebellar, SCN8A-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SCN8A 2019 2019-05-15
OMIA 002279-9615Ataxia, spinocerebellar, SLC12A6-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC12A6 2019 2020-06-18
OMIA 002092-9615Ataxia, spinocerebellar, SPTBN2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SPTBN2 2012 2020-05-15
OMIA 000080-8932AtherosclerosisColumba liviarock pigeon 2013-08-05
OMIA 000081-9796Atlanto occipital fusionEquus caballushorse HOXD3 2017 2017-01-26
OMIA 000083-9913Atresia aniBos tauruscattle 2011-03-18
OMIA 001348-9544Atrichia with papular lesionsMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey HR 2002 2011-12-12
OMIA 002000-9986Atropinesterase deficiencyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2020-04-16
OMIA 000092-93934Atypical mitotic metaphaseCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA 002064-9685Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndromeFelis catusdomestic cat FASLG 2017 2017-09-14
OMIA 001106-9913AxonopathyBos tauruscattle MFN2 2011 2021-11-24
OMIA 002011-9823B-cell deficiencySus scrofapig 2016-05-05
OMIA 000100-9031Baldness, congenitalGallus galluschicken 2012-11-23
OMIA 002484-9615Bardet-Biedl syndrome 2Canis lupus familiarisdog BBS2 2021 2021-12-01
OMIA 002045-9615Bardet-Biedl syndrome 4Canis lupus familiarisdog BBS4 2017 2017-06-02
OMIA 002216-9544Bardet-Biedl syndrome 7Macaca mulattaRhesus monkey BBS7 2019 2019-10-22
OMIA 002108-9031Barring, autosomalGallus galluschicken MC1R 2021 2021-04-14
OMIA 000102-9031Barring, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken CDKN2A 2010 2017-05-20
OMIA 002466-1553461Beak colour, BCO2-relatedCamarhynchus heliobatesmangrove finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48878Beak colour, BCO2-relatedCamarhynchus palliduswoodpecker finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-87175Beak colour, BCO2-relatedCamarhynchus parvulussmall tree finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-93066Beak colour, BCO2-relatedCamarhynchus paupermedium tree finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-87178Beak colour, BCO2-relatedCamarhynchus psittaculalarge tree finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48882Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza conirostrislarge cactus finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-87173Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza difficilissharp-beaked ground finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48883Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza fortismedium ground-finch BCO2 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48884Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza fuliginosasmall ground finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48885Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza magnirostrislarge ground finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-48886Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza scandenscommon cactus finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-2562593Beak colour, BCO2-relatedGeospiza sp.EspaƱola cactus finch & Genovesa ground finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 002466-93070Beak colour, BCO2-relatedPinaroloxias inornataCocos finch 2021 2021-11-02
OMIA 000103-9031Beak, Donald DuckGallus galluschicken 2011-10-03
OMIA 002207-9615Bernard-Soulier syndrome, type CCanis lupus familiarisdog GP9 2019 2021-07-14
OMIA 002430-9823Beta-2-microglobulin deficiencySus scrofapig 2021-09-18
OMIA 001437-9913Beta-lactoglobulin, aberrant low expressionBos tauruscattle PAEP 2006 2016-11-11
OMIA 002187-9796Bilateral corneal stromal lossEquus caballushorse 2021-08-17
OMIA 000108-9103Binucleated red cellMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2013-08-05
OMIA 002286-9739BisalbuminaemiaTursiops truncatusbottlenosed dolphin 2020-09-15
OMIA 002213-9447Bitter taste, TAS2R16-relatedLemur cattaRing-tailed lemur TAS2R16 2019 2019-09-24
OMIA 000110-9615Black hair follicle dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog

Gene not yet published

OMIA 000111-9031Blastoderm degenerationGallus galluschicken 2021-08-26
OMIA 001564-9615Bleeding disorder, P2RY12-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog P2RY12 2011 2017-03-05
OMIA 000114-56790BlindnessPyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax 2017-05-19
OMIA 001367-9031Blindness enlarged globeGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 000117-9913Blood group system ABos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000117-9031Blood group system AGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000117-9103Blood group system AMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000117-9940Blood group system AOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000119-9685Blood group system ABFelis catusdomestic cat CMAH 2007 2022-04-08
OMIA 001089-9579Blood group system ABOHylobates agilisagile gibbon ABO 2009 2013-11-27
OMIA 001089-9580Blood group system ABOHylobates larcommon gibbon ABO 2009 2013-11-27
OMIA 001089-9541Blood group system ABOMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque ABO 1998 2020-03-31
OMIA 001089-9542Blood group system ABOMacaca fuscataJapanese macaque ABO 2000 2020-04-01
OMIA 001089-9544Blood group system ABOMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey ABO 1998 2020-03-31
OMIA 001089-9598Blood group system ABOPan troglodyteschimpanzee ABO 1999 2020-03-31
OMIA 001089-9823Blood group system ABOSus scrofapig GGTA1 2001 2022-01-11
OMIA 001089-9590Blood group system ABOSymphalangus syndactylussiamang ABO 2009 2012-03-21
OMIA 000120-9913Blood group system BBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000120-9031Blood group system BGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000120-9940Blood group system BOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000121-9913Blood group system CBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000121-9031Blood group system CGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000121-9103Blood group system CMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000121-9940Blood group system COvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000122-9796Blood group system DEquus caballushorse 2020-05-15
OMIA 000122-9031Blood group system DGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000122-9940Blood group system DOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000123-9031Blood group system EGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000124-9913Blood group system FBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000124-9103Blood group system FMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000124-9823Blood group system FSus scrofapig 2020-05-15
OMIA 000125-9940Blood group system F30Ovis ariessheep 2020-08-20
OMIA 000126-9940Blood group system F41Ovis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000127-9823Blood group system GSus scrofapig 2011-09-16
OMIA 000128-9823Blood group system HSus scrofapig 2011-09-16
OMIA 000129-9031Blood group system IGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000129-9940Blood group system IOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 000130-9913Blood group system JBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000130-9103Blood group system JMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000131-9103Blood group system KMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000132-9913Blood group system LBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000132-9103Blood group system LMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000133-9913Blood group system MBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000133-9940Blood group system MOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 001629-9913Blood group system N'Bos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001250-9823Blood group system OSus scrofapig 2020-05-15
OMIA 001628-9031Blood group system PGallus galluschicken 2011-10-14
OMIA 000136-9103Blood group system QMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-14
OMIA 000137-9940Blood group system ROvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 001630-9913Blood group system R'Bos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 000139-9913Blood group system SBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001631-9913Blood group system T'Bos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001237-9940Blood group system XOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 001632-9913Blood group system ZBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001785-9615Blood group system, rhesusCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001713-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 1Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-20
OMIA 001779-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 3Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001780-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 4Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001781-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 5Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001782-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 6Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001783-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 7Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 001784-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 8Canis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-17
OMIA 002057-9615Blood group system/dog erythrocyte antigen DalCanis lupus familiarisdog 2016-10-18
OMIA 000141-9103Blood ringMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2021-08-26
OMIA 000142-8835Blue eggshellAnasducks 2013-01-27
OMIA 000142-93934Blue eggshellCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2013-11-30
OMIA 000142-9031Blue eggshellGallus galluschicken SLCO1B3 2013 2021-11-03
OMIA 000143-9103BobberMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2005-09-06
OMIA 001647-10042BogglerPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001551-9685BrachycephalyFelis catusdomestic cat ALX1 2016 2020-06-11
OMIA 000146-9615BrachydactylyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2011-10-03
OMIA 000146-9031BrachydactylyGallus galluschicken 2013-08-05
OMIA 000146-9986BrachydactylyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001595-9940Brachygnathia, cardiomegaly and renal hypoplasia syndromeOvis ariessheep OBSL1 2020 2020-09-19
OMIA 000151-9913BrachyspinaBos tauruscattle FANCI 2012 2015-03-24
OMIA 002021-9796Brindle 1Equus caballushorse MBTPS2 2016 2016-08-13
OMIA 000153-8855Brown rippledCairina moschataMuscovy duck 2022-01-18
OMIA 001625-10141C2 deficiencyCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig 2011-10-11
OMIA 000155-9615C3 deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog C3 1998 2013-09-24
OMIA 000155-10141C3 deficiencyCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig 2020-03-31
OMIA 000155-9986C3 deficiencyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2005-07-16
OMIA 001626-10141C4 deficiencyCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig 2011-10-11
OMIA 001624-9986C6 deficiencyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2011-10-11
OMIA 000156-9986C8 deficiencyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2013-06-17
OMIA 002054-9823Cancer, RUNX-relatedSus scrofapig 2021-12-26
OMIA 001990-10036Cancer, TP53-relatedMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2021-11-08
OMIA 001502-9913Caprine-like generalized hypoplasia syndromeBos tauruscattle CEP250 2015 2018-01-25
OMIA 000160-9913CardiomyopathyBos tauruscattle 2013-08-05
OMIA 000160-10036CardiomyopathyMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2014-02-26
OMIA 002256-9615Cardiomyopathy and juvenile mortalityCanis lupus familiarisdog YARS2 2020 2020-03-24
OMIA 000161-9913Cardiomyopathy and woolly haircoat syndromeBos tauruscattle PPP1R13L 2009 2011-12-09
OMIA 000162-9913Cardiomyopathy, dilatedBos tauruscattle OPA3 2011 2016-08-16
OMIA 000162-9103Cardiomyopathy, dilatedMeleagris gallopavoturkey TNNT2 2002 2012-01-22
OMIA 000162-10036Cardiomyopathy, dilatedMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster SGCD 1997 2014-02-26
OMIA 002195-9615Cardiomyopathy, dilated, PLN-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PLN 2019 2020-06-12
OMIA 002365-9615Cardiomyopathy, dilated, RBM20-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog RBM20 2014 2021-07-01
OMIA 000515-9685Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophicFelis catusdomestic cat MYBPC3 2005 2021-12-01
OMIA 002316-9685Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, ALMS1-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat ALMS1 2021 2021-03-05
OMIA 002212-9685Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, MYH7-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat MYH7 2019 2021-06-17
OMIA 002212-9986Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, MYH7-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-04-21
OMIA 002212-9823Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, MYH7-relatedSus scrofapig 2021-12-26
OMIA 002211-10036Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, SGCD-relatedMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster SGCD 1997 2019-09-23
OMIA 002304-9685Cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, TNNT2-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat TNNT2 2020 2020-12-18
OMIA 002331-9986Cardiomyopathy, TNNI3-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-04-21
OMIA 002308-9986Cardiomyopathy, X-linked dilatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-01-28
OMIA 002477-9823Cardiovascular disease risk, ASGR1-relatedSus scrofapig ASGR1 2021 2021-11-16
OMIA 000166-9615Carpal subluxationCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000852-9925Casein, alpha-S1, reduced concentrationCapra hircusgoat CSN1S1 1994 2012-02-03
OMIA 001623-9925Casein, alpha-S2, absenceCapra hircusgoat CSN1S2 2001 2012-02-03
OMIA 001424-9925Casein, beta, absence ofCapra hircusgoat CSN2 1999 2012-09-15
OMIA 002400-30521Casein, kappaBos grunniensdomestic yak 2021-08-27
OMIA 002400-9925Casein, kappaCapra hircusgoat 2021-08-27
OMIA 002535-9913Cataract, ADAMTSL4-relatedBos tauruscattle ADAMTSL4 2022 2022-03-10
OMIA 001758-9615Cataract, early onset, HSF4-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog HSF4 2006 2019-10-03
OMIA 002536-9615Cataract, FYCO1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog FYCO1 2022 2022-05-18
OMIA 000168-9913Cataract, genericBos tauruscattle 2012-08-24
OMIA 000168-10141Cataract, genericCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig Cryz 1992 2020-03-31
OMIA 000168-9796Cataract, genericEquus caballushorse 2012-08-24
OMIA 000168-9986Cataract, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 000168-9940Cataract, genericOvis ariessheep 2012-06-14
OMIA 002309-9646Cataract, MIP-relatedAiluropoda melanoleucagiant panda MIP 2021 2021-02-18
OMIA 002111-9913Cataract, recessive, CPAMD8-relatedBos tauruscattle CPAMD8 2017 2020-01-28
OMIA 001936-9913Cataract, recessive, NID1-relatedBos tauruscattle NID1 2014 2014-10-29
OMIA 000169-9685Catnip responseFelis catusdomestic cat 2011-01-27
OMIA 002534-9615Centronuclear myopathy 1, DNM2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog DNM2 2022 2022-03-09
OMIA 001660-9615Centronuclear myopathy 2, BIN1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog BIN1 2013 2013-06-28
OMIA 001374-9615Centronuclear myopathy, HACD1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog HACD1 2005 2017-12-12
OMIA 000175-9796Cerebellar abiotrophyEquus caballushorse sMUTYH, TOE1 2011 2021-04-23
OMIA 000175-9940Cerebellar abiotrophyOvis ariessheep 2005-09-17
OMIA 000177-9615Cerebellar cortical atrophyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-01-08
OMIA 002034-9615Cerebellar cortical degeneration, SNX14-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SNX14 2016 2017-07-07
OMIA 001221-9685Cerebellar degenerationFelis catusdomestic cat 2005-09-06
OMIA 001221-9031Cerebellar degenerationGallus galluschicken 2011-11-29
OMIA 000179-9615Cerebellar hypoplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2015-03-05
OMIA 001947-9615Cerebellar hypoplasia, VLDLR-associatedCanis lupus familiarisdog VLDLR 2015 2015-03-11
OMIA 002303-9685Cerebral dysgenesis, PEA15 relatedFelis catusdomestic cat PEA15 2020 2020-12-17
OMIA 002374-9913Charcot Marie Tooth disease, FGD4-relatedBos tauruscattle FGD4 2021 2021-08-09
OMIA 000185-9913Chediak-Higashi syndromeBos tauruscattle LYST 1999 2012-09-15
OMIA 000185-9685Chediak-Higashi syndromeFelis catusdomestic cat LYST 2020 2020-01-27
OMIA 000185-452646Chediak-Higashi syndromeNeovison visonAmerican mink LYST 2013 2013-11-08
OMIA 000185-494514Chediak-Higashi syndromeVulpes lagopusArctic fox 2011-10-14
OMIA 001965-9913Cholesterol deficiency, APOB-relatedBos tauruscattle APOB 2016 2021-04-17
OMIA 001616-9940Chondrodysplasia, "llama syndrome"Ovis ariessheep 2011-10-03
OMIA 001886-9615Chondrodysplasia, disproportionate short-limbedCanis lupus familiarisdog ITGA10 2013 2013-10-13
OMIA 002540-9913Chondrodysplasia, EVC2-relatedBos tauruscattle EVC2 2002 2022-03-22
OMIA 002542-9615Chondrodysplasia, FGF4 retrogene-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog FGF4 retrogene CFA18 2009 2022-03-22
OMIA 001703-9913Chondrodysplasia, FGFR3-relatedBos tauruscattle FGFR3 2020 2020-04-18
OMIA 001703-9940Chondrodysplasia, FGFR3-relatedOvis ariessheep FGFR3 1998 2016-04-28
OMIA 001790-9615Chondrodysplasia, LabradorCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-04-23
OMIA 001400-9615Chondrodysplasia, SLC13A1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC13A1 2012 2021-09-29
OMIA 001400-9940Chondrodysplasia, SLC13A1-relatedOvis ariessheep SLC13A1 2012 2013-11-25
OMIA 002541-9685Chondrodysplasia, UGDH-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat UGDH 2020 2022-03-22
OMIA 000189-93934ChondrodystrophyCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2012-11-09
OMIA 000189-33616ChondrodystrophyGymnogyps californianusCalifornia condor 2012-11-09
OMIA 000189-9103ChondrodystrophyMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2012-11-09
OMIA 000189-9986ChondrodystrophyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001732-93934Chondrodystrophy-2Coturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2012-11-09
OMIA 001540-9615Ciliary dyskinesia, primaryCanis lupus familiarisdog sCCDC39, NAT10 2011 2021-04-06
OMIA 002342-9940Ciliary dyskinesia, primary, CCDC65-relatedOvis ariessheep CCDC65 2022 2022-01-29
OMIA 002206-9615Ciliary dyskinesia, primary, NME5-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog NME5 2019 2019-09-11
OMIA 000194-9913CitrullinaemiaBos tauruscattle ASS1 1989 2012-09-19
OMIA 001585-9913Cleft lip and jaw, right-sidedBos tauruscattle 2012-11-23
OMIA 001714-9615Cleft lip and palateCanis lupus familiarisdog 2012-08-30
OMIA 001140-9615Cleft lip with or without cleft palateCanis lupus familiarisdog ADAMTS20 2015 2015-04-22
OMIA 002394-9986Cleft lip, GADD45G-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-08-22
OMIA 001919-9615Cleft palate 1, DLX6-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog DLX6 2014 2014-04-09
OMIA 002543-9031Cleft primary palate, ESRP2-relatedGallus galluschicken ESRP2 2020 2022-03-25
OMIA 001310-93934ClenchCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2013-08-05
OMIA 000199-8932Clutch size, abnormalColumba liviarock pigeon 2016-08-05
OMIA 002410-9913CMAH enzyme deficiencyBos tauruscattle 2021-08-28
OMIA 002410-9823CMAH enzyme deficiencySus scrofapig 2022-01-11
OMIA 002549-9685Coat colour and pattern, charcoal, ASIP-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat ASIP 2014 2022-04-14
OMIA 000201-9897Coat colour, agoutiAepyceros melampusimpala ASIP 2016 2016-03-26
OMIA 000201-1047088Coat colour, agoutiArvicola amphibiusEurasian water mole 2011-10-23
OMIA 000201-9913Coat colour, agoutiBos tauruscattle ASIP 2006 2011-12-09
OMIA 000201-9838Coat colour, agoutiCamelus dromedariusArabian camel ASIP 2018 2019-06-05
OMIA 000201-9614Coat colour, agoutiCanis latranscoyote 2013-06-21
OMIA 000201-9612Coat colour, agoutiCanis lupusgray wolf 2013-06-21
OMIA 000201-9615Coat colour, agoutiCanis lupus familiarisdog ASIP 2004 2021-11-05
OMIA 000201-9925Coat colour, agoutiCapra hircusgoat ASIP 2009 2021-06-01
OMIA 000201-9858Coat colour, agoutiCapreolus capreolusWestern roe deer ASIP 2020 2020-06-19
OMIA 000201-61455Coat colour, agoutiCatopuma temminckiiAsiatic golden cat ASIP 2012 2013-01-05
OMIA 000201-10141Coat colour, agoutiCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig Asip 2019 2019-09-21
OMIA 000201-329620Coat colour, agoutiEllobius talpinusNorthern mole vole 2011-10-23
OMIA 000201-9793Coat colour, agoutiEquus asinusass ASIP 2015 2020-04-24
OMIA 000201-9796Coat colour, agoutiEquus caballushorse ASIP 2001 2012-09-19
OMIA 000201-9685Coat colour, agoutiFelis catusdomestic cat ASIP 2003 2022-04-08
OMIA 000201-9844Coat colour, agoutiLama glamallama 2021-10-19
OMIA 000201-61406Coat colour, agoutiLeopardus colocoloColocolo ASIP 2015 2020-03-31
OMIA 000201-61386Coat colour, agoutiLeopardus guignaKodkod ASIP 2015 2020-03-31
OMIA 000201-10047Coat colour, agoutiMeriones unguiculatusMongolian gerbil 2019-05-06
OMIA 000201-10053Coat colour, agoutiMicrotusmeadow voles 2011-10-23
OMIA 000201-9986Coat colour, agoutiOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit ASIP 2010 2020-04-13
OMIA 000201-9940Coat colour, agoutiOvis ariessheep ASIP 2008 2021-08-25
OMIA 000201-9691Coat colour, agoutiPanthera pardusleopard ASIP 2012 2016-08-30
OMIA 000201-10042Coat colour, agoutiPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse ASIP 2009 2012-03-21
OMIA 000201-37029Coat colour, agoutiPrionailurus bengalensisleopard cat 2022-04-08
OMIA 000201-9823Coat colour, agoutiSus scrofapig 2011-09-12
OMIA 000201-30538Coat colour, agoutiVicugna pacosalpaca 2019-04-18
OMIA 000201-9627Coat colour, agoutiVulpes vulpesred fox ASIP 1997 2012-03-21
OMIA 002280-8296Coat colour, albinism, genericAmbystoma mexicanumaxolotl 2020-06-24
OMIA 002280-43455Coat colour, albinism, genericCathartes auraturkey vulture 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-7959Coat colour, albinism, genericCtenopharyngodon idellagrass carp 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-10036Coat colour, albinism, genericMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2020-06-30
OMIA 002280-10053Coat colour, albinism, genericMicrotusmeadow voles 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-8022Coat colour, albinism, genericOncorhynchus mykissrainbow trout 2020-06-24
OMIA 002280-9940Coat colour, albinism, genericOvis ariessheep 2020-06-29
OMIA 002280-9695Coat colour, albinism, genericPanthera tigris sumatraeSumatran tiger 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-47665Coat colour, albinism, genericPhodopus campbelliCampbell's desert hamster 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-194198Coat colour, albinism, genericPseudacris triseriatawestern chorus frog 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-35660Coat colour, albinism, genericThomomys talpoidesnorthern pocket gopher 2020-06-30
OMIA 002280-9643Coat colour, albinism, genericUrsus americanusAmerican black bear 2020-06-25
OMIA 002280-8355Coat colour, albinism, genericXenopus laevisAfrican clawed frog 2020-06-25
OMIA 000204-9913Coat colour, albinism, incompleteBos tauruscattle 2011-10-14
OMIA 001821-9913Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous type IVBos tauruscattle SLC45A2 2017 2017-10-11
OMIA 001821-9615Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous type IVCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC45A2 2014 2017-08-29
OMIA 001821-9593Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous type IVGorilla gorillawestern gorilla SLC45A2 2013 2017-12-11
OMIA 001821-8090Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous type IVOryzias latipesJapanese medaka slc45a2 2008 2013-06-21
OMIA 002124-9796Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous type VIEquus caballushorse SLC24A5 2017 2019-12-12
OMIA 002116-9685Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous, HPS5-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat HPS5 2020 2022-01-31
OMIA 002116-69293Coat colour, albinism, oculocutaneous, HPS5-relatedGasterosteus aculeatusthree-spined stickleback Hps5 2017 2017-08-15
OMIA 000075-10036Coat colour, ashenMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2020-08-20
OMIA 001648-10042Coat colour, ashyPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001479-9823Coat colour, black and tanSus scrofapig 2009-12-01
OMIA 001274-452646Coat colour, black crystalNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 001645-10036Coat colour, black tremorMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster Atrn 2002 2019-05-06
OMIA 001362-10053Coat colour, blondMicrotusmeadow voles 2011-10-23
OMIA 001646-10042Coat colour, blondePeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001425-8022Coat colour, blueOncorhynchus mykissrainbow trout 2020-08-20
OMIA 001249-9913Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedBos tauruscattle TYRP1 2003 2012-09-21
OMIA 001249-9615Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog TYRP1 2002 2021-01-12
OMIA 001249-9925Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedCapra hircusgoat TYRP1 2015 2021-06-01
OMIA 001249-9796Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedEquus caballushorse 2012-09-19
OMIA 001249-9685Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat TYRP1 2005 2021-06-16
OMIA 001249-10047Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedMeriones unguiculatusMongolian gerbil 2019-05-06
OMIA 001249-10036Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-10-24
OMIA 001249-452646Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedNeovison visonAmerican mink TYRP1 2016 2020-10-27
OMIA 001249-9986Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit TYRP1 2014 2016-04-29
OMIA 001249-9940Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedOvis ariessheep TYRP1 2007 2019-10-04
OMIA 001249-10042Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001249-9823Coat colour, brown, TYRP1-relatedSus scrofapig TYRP1 2011 2020-06-26
OMIA 001651-10042Coat colour, California blondePeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001263-9796Coat colour, champagneEquus caballushorse SLC36A1 2008 2013-06-19
OMIA 002275-9615Coat colour, cocoaCanis lupus familiarisdog HPS3 2020 2021-08-13
OMIA 001576-30521Coat colour, colour-sidedBos grunniensdomestic yak KIT 2014 2017-10-04
OMIA 001576-9913Coat colour, colour-sidedBos tauruscattle KIT 2011 2020-04-24
OMIA 001344-9615Coat colour, cream dilutionCanis lupus familiarisdog 2010-11-20
OMIA 001344-9796Coat colour, cream dilutionEquus caballushorse SLC45A2 2003 2020-01-24
OMIA 001668-10036Coat colour, dark grey/grayMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-11-28
OMIA 002318-9913Coat colour, dilution, FZD7-relatedBos tauruscattle FZD7 2021 2021-04-08
OMIA 000031-9913Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedBos tauruscattle MLPH 2015 2020-03-02
OMIA 000031-9615Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog MLPH 2007 2021-06-16
OMIA 000031-9685Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat MLPH 2006 2018-09-13
OMIA 000031-452646Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedNeovison visonAmerican mink MLPH 2013 2020-06-02
OMIA 000031-9986Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit MLPH 2013 2021-04-09
OMIA 000031-9940Coat colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedOvis ariessheep MLPH 2020 2020-06-11
OMIA 001545-30521Coat colour, dilution, PMEL-relatedBos grunniensdomestic yak PMEL 2014 2015-04-30
OMIA 001545-9913Coat colour, dilution, PMEL-relatedBos tauruscattle PMEL 2007 2021-12-01
OMIA 002292-452646Coat colour, dilution, RAB38-relatedNeovison visonAmerican mink RAB38 2020 2020-10-27
OMIA 001416-89462Coat colour, dominant blackBubalus bubaliswater buffalo 2011-10-14
OMIA 001416-9614Coat colour, dominant blackCanis latranscoyote CBD103 2009 2012-03-21
OMIA 001416-9612Coat colour, dominant blackCanis lupusgray wolf CBD103 2009 2021-06-18
OMIA 001416-9615Coat colour, dominant blackCanis lupus familiarisdog CBD103 2007 2022-01-20
OMIA 001529-9913Coat colour, dominant redBos tauruscattle COPA 2014 2017-09-19
OMIA 002426-10042Coat colour, dominant spotPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2021-09-16
OMIA 000209-9913Coat colour, dominant whiteBos tauruscattle KIT 2010 2011-12-09
OMIA 000209-9925Coat colour, dominant whiteCapra hircusgoat KIT 2019 2020-05-17
OMIA 000209-9793Coat colour, dominant whiteEquus asinusass KIT 2015 2015-04-16
OMIA 000209-9796Coat colour, dominant whiteEquus caballushorse KIT 2005 2022-01-11
OMIA 000209-9685Coat colour, dominant whiteFelis catusdomestic cat KIT 2014 2022-04-08
OMIA 000209-34880Coat colour, dominant whiteNyctereutes procyonoidesraccoon dog 2018-09-15
OMIA 000209-9823Coat colour, dominant whiteSus scrofapig KIT 1996 2020-03-26
OMIA 000209-30538Coat colour, dominant whiteVicugna pacosalpaca KIT 2019 2019-09-13
OMIA 000209-494514Coat colour, dominant whiteVulpes lagopusArctic fox KIT 2013 2017-12-11
OMIA 001972-9793Coat colour, dunEquus asinusass TBX3 2020 2020-12-17
OMIA 001972-9796Coat colour, dunEquus caballushorse TBX3 2016 2019-02-12
OMIA 001922-9986Coat colour, Dutch spottingOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001597-9986Coat colour, English spottingOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2022-01-18
OMIA 001199-37190Coat colour, extensionArctocephalus gazellaantarctic fur seal MC1R 2016 2021-09-13
OMIA 001199-68352Coat colour, extensionAspidoscelis inornatalittle striped whiptail MC1R 2004 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-30521Coat colour, extensionBos grunniensdomestic yak MC1R 2009 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-9913Coat colour, extensionBos tauruscattle MC1R 1995 2020-05-15
OMIA 001199-89462Coat colour, extensionBubalus bubaliswater buffalo 2020-01-26
OMIA 001199-9838Coat colour, extensionCamelus dromedariusArabian camel MC1R 2018 2019-06-05
OMIA 001199-9615Coat colour, extensionCanis lupus familiarisdog MC1R 2000 2020-12-18
OMIA 001199-9925Coat colour, extensionCapra hircusgoat MC1R 2009 2021-08-20
OMIA 001199-10141Coat colour, extensionCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig MC1R 2018 2018-08-20
OMIA 001199-38666Coat colour, extensionChaetodipus intermediusrock pocket mouse Mc1r 2003 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-30532Coat colour, extensionDama damafallow deer MC1R 2020 2020-11-30
OMIA 001199-9793Coat colour, extensionEquus asinusass MC1R 2014 2018-07-22
OMIA 001199-9796Coat colour, extensionEquus caballushorse MC1R 1996 2021-08-28
OMIA 001199-9685Coat colour, extensionFelis catusdomestic cat MC1R 2009 2020-06-12
OMIA 001199-43597Coat colour, extensionHolbrookia maculatalesser earless lizard Mc1r 2004 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-8523Coat colour, extensionLacerta Mc1r 2011 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-61406Coat colour, extensionLeopardus colocoloColocolo 2016-04-26
OMIA 001199-46844Coat colour, extensionLeopardus geoffroyiGeoffroy's cat MC1R 2015 2020-03-31
OMIA 001199-37349Coat colour, extensionMammuthus primigeniuswoolly mammoth MC1R 2006 2020-12-18
OMIA 001199-10047Coat colour, extensionMeriones unguiculatusMongolian gerbil 2019-05-06
OMIA 001199-34880Coat colour, extensionNyctereutes procyonoidesraccoon dog 2020-03-30
OMIA 001199-9986Coat colour, extensionOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit MC1R 2006 2020-02-14
OMIA 001199-9940Coat colour, extensionOvis ariessheep MC1R 1999 2021-06-15
OMIA 001199-9690Coat colour, extensionPanthera oncajaguar MC1R 2003 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-42413Coat colour, extensionPeromyscus polionotusoldfield mouse Mc1r 2006 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-9870Coat colour, extensionRangifer tarandusreindeer MC1R 2014 2015-04-30
OMIA 001199-30640Coat colour, extensionSciurus carolinensisgray squirrel MC1R 2009 2014-10-03
OMIA 001199-9823Coat colour, extensionSus scrofapig MC1R 1998 2021-02-25
OMIA 001199-9643Coat colour, extensionUrsus americanusAmerican black bear MC1R 2001 2012-03-21
OMIA 001199-30538Coat colour, extensionVicugna pacosalpaca 2011-12-06
OMIA 001199-494514Coat colour, extensionVulpes lagopusArctic fox MC1R 2005 2021-10-03
OMIA 001199-9627Coat colour, extensionVulpes vulpesred fox MC1R 1997 2016-06-02
OMIA 002237-8090Coat colour, few melanophoreOryzias latipesJapanese medaka kitlga 2020 2020-01-30
OMIA 002159-9685Coat colour, goldenFelis catusdomestic cat CORIN 2021 2022-05-18
OMIA 002159-9694Coat colour, goldenPanthera tigristiger CORIN 2017 2020-04-01
OMIA 001356-9796Coat colour, grey/grayEquus caballushorse STX17 2008 2021-11-24
OMIA 001495-9615Coat colour, grizzleCanis lupus familiarisdog MC1R 2010 2018-08-01
OMIA 001454-9615Coat colour, harlequinCanis lupus familiarisdog PSMB7 2011 2011-12-12
OMIA 000571-10036Coat colour, juvenile grayMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2020-08-20
OMIA 001721-32536Coat colour, kingAcinonyx jubatuscheetah Taqpep 2012 2012-10-11
OMIA 002139-9796Coat colour, Leopard Complex SpottingEquus caballushorse TRPM1 2013 2022-01-18
OMIA 000591-10036Coat colour, lethal grey/grayMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-11-28
OMIA 000591-9940Coat colour, lethal grey/grayOvis ariessheep 2006-04-28
OMIA 001584-9685Coat colour, melanin inhibitorFelis catusdomestic cat 2011-07-20
OMIA 001590-9615Coat colour, melanistic maskCanis lupus familiarisdog MC1R 2003 2018-08-01
OMIA 000211-9615Coat colour, merleCanis lupus familiarisdog PMEL 2006 2021-08-16
OMIA 000202-9913Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedBos tauruscattle TYR 2004 2012-10-17
OMIA 000202-89462Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedBubalus bubaliswater buffalo TYR 2012 2012-10-17
OMIA 000202-9615Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog TYR 2020 2020-10-21
OMIA 000202-10141Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig Tyr 2018 2018-08-03
OMIA 000202-9860Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedCervus elaphusred deer TYR 2020 2020-06-24
OMIA 000202-31143Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedElaphe climacophoraJapanese ratsnake TYR 2018 2021-04-09
OMIA 000202-9793Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedEquus asinusass TYR 2016 2016-06-02
OMIA 000202-1772025Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedFejervarya kawamuraiRice frog TYR 2018 2020-03-31
OMIA 000202-9685Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat TYR 2005 2019-02-08
OMIA 000202-8410Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedGlandirana rugosaJapanese wrinkled frog TYR 2018 2020-03-31
OMIA 000202-9773Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedMegaptera novaeangliaehumpback whale TYR 2012 2019-02-11
OMIA 000202-10047Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedMeriones unguiculatusMongolian gerbil Tyr 2016 2019-05-06
OMIA 000202-9669Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedMustela putorius furodomestic ferret TYR 2007 2012-03-21
OMIA 000202-452646Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedNeovison visonAmerican mink TYR 2008 2020-06-24
OMIA 000202-476259Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedNyctereutes procyonoides viverrinusJapanese raccoon dog TYR 2020 2021-04-09
OMIA 000202-9986Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit TYR 2000 2021-01-28
OMIA 000202-8090Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedOryzias latipesJapanese medaka tyr 1995 2011-12-12
OMIA 000202-9689Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedPanthera leolion TYR 2013 2018-09-06
OMIA 000202-9557Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedPapio hamadryashamadryas baboon TYR 2020 2020-02-18
OMIA 000202-8409Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedPelophylax nigromaculatusdark-spotted frog TYR 2018 2020-03-31
OMIA 000202-9515Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedSapajus apellaTufted capuchin TYR 2017 2017-05-11
OMIA 000202-9823Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedSus scrofapig 2021-06-25
OMIA 000202-9627Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism type I (OCA1), TYR-relatedVulpes vulpesred fox TYR 2019 2019-09-21
OMIA 002130-7994Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism, OCA2-relatedAstyanax mexicanusMexican tetra OCA2 2006 2021-08-28
OMIA 002130-9615Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism, OCA2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog OCA2 2017 2017-10-11
OMIA 002130-94885Coat colour, oculocutaneous albinism, OCA2-relatedPantherophis guttatuscorn snake OCA2 2015 2017-10-11
OMIA 001201-9685Coat colour, orangeFelis catusdomestic cat 2012-06-07
OMIA 001201-10036Coat colour, orangeMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2009-07-01
OMIA 001743-9823Coat colour, patchSus scrofapig KIT 1998 2012-11-25
OMIA 002228-9615Coat colour, phaeomelanin dilution, KITLG-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog KITLG 2020 2021-04-20
OMIA 002197-9615Coat colour, phaeomelanin dilution, MFSD12-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog MFSD12 2019 2021-06-01
OMIA 002197-9796Coat colour, phaeomelanin dilution, MFSD12-relatedEquus caballushorse MFSD12_ 2019 2022-02-10
OMIA 000212-10036Coat colour, pink-eyed dilutionMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2020-08-20
OMIA 000212-10053Coat colour, pink-eyed dilutionMicrotusmeadow voles 2011-10-23
OMIA 000212-10042Coat colour, pink-eyed dilutionPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 000212-47665Coat colour, pink-eyed dilutionPhodopus campbelliCampbell's desert hamster 2011-10-24
OMIA 001666-10036Coat colour, pintoMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-11-25
OMIA 001652-10042Coat colour, platinumPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 001652-9627Coat colour, platinumVulpes vulpesred fox KIT 2015 2015-04-29
OMIA 002431-9694Coat colour, pseudomelanisticPanthera tigristiger Taqpep 2021 2021-09-22
OMIA 001216-9913Coat colour, roanBos tauruscattle KITLG 1999 2012-09-15
OMIA 001216-9615Coat colour, roanCanis lupus familiarisdog USH2A 2021 2021-04-08
OMIA 001216-9796Coat colour, roanEquus caballushorse 2020-06-30
OMIA 001216-9823Coat colour, roanSus scrofapig KIT 2011 2011-12-09
OMIA 001806-9615Coat colour, saddle tan vs black-and-tanCanis lupus familiarisdog ASIP 2021 2021-11-09
OMIA 002009-9986Coat colour, satinOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-05-03
OMIA 001438-9796Coat colour, silverEquus caballushorse PMEL 2006 2022-04-30
OMIA 001438-9685Coat colour, silverFelis catusdomestic cat 2009-07-01
OMIA 001320-9913Coat colour, spottedBos tauruscattle 2020-08-20
OMIA 001429-9685Coat colour, tabbyFelis catusdomestic cat LVRN 2012 2022-02-26
OMIA 001889-452646Coat colour, talitsaNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 001649-10042Coat colour, tan-streakedPeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 002264-9615Coat colour, tickedCanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-02-25
OMIA 001484-9685Coat colour, ticked (Abyssinian)Felis catusdomestic cat DKK4 2021 2021-11-17
OMIA 001650-10042Coat colour, variable whitePeromyscus maniculatusNorth American deer mouse 2011-10-24
OMIA 000213-74535Coat colour, whitePanthera tigris tigrisBengal tiger SLC45A2 2013 2013-06-08
OMIA 001469-9913Coat colour, white beltBos tauruscattle TWIST2 2017 2020-02-19
OMIA 001469-9823Coat colour, white beltSus scrofapig 2018-09-15
OMIA 001745-9823Coat colour, white belt, KIT-relatedSus scrofapig KIT 2012 2021-02-24
OMIA 000214-89462Coat colour, white spottingBubalus bubaliswater buffalo MITF 2015 2020-05-15
OMIA 000214-9615Coat colour, white spottingCanis lupus familiarisdog MITF 2007 2021-08-28
OMIA 000214-10141Coat colour, white spottingCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig 2018-08-17
OMIA 000214-9796Coat colour, white spottingEquus caballushorse MITF 2012 2021-08-10
OMIA 000214-9685Coat colour, white spottingFelis catusdomestic cat 2017-03-14
OMIA 002164-9925Coat colour, white spotting, EDNRA-relatedCapra hircusgoat EDNRA 2016 2021-04-21
OMIA 001737-9913Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedBos tauruscattle KIT 2019 2020-02-25
OMIA 001737-9838Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedCamelus dromedariusArabian camel KIT 2017 2017-03-17
OMIA 001737-9615Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog KIT 2013 2013-12-30
OMIA 001737-9925Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedCapra hircusgoat KIT 2019 2020-05-17
OMIA 001737-9793Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedEquus asinusass KIT 2015 2020-07-16
OMIA 001737-9685Coat colour, white spotting, KIT-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat KIT 2014 2022-04-08
OMIA 001688-9796Coat colour, white spotting, PAX3-relatedEquus caballushorse PAX3 2012 2020-05-15
OMIA 001069-10036Coat colour, white, lethal, mottledMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-11-25
OMIA 000200-8296Coat colours, genericAmbystoma mexicanumaxolotl 2020-08-20
OMIA 000200-9615Coat colours, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog 2021-08-22
OMIA 000200-10047Coat colours, genericMeriones unguiculatusMongolian gerbil 2011-09-16
OMIA 000200-9823Coat colours, genericSus scrofapig 2021-09-27
OMIA 000200-9627Coat colours, genericVulpes vulpesred fox 2011-09-16
OMIA 000218-9615Collie eye anomalyCanis lupus familiarisdog NHEJ1 2007 2022-02-15
OMIA 000219-9615ColobomaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2011-11-27
OMIA 000219-9031ColobomaGallus galluschicken 2011-11-27
OMIA 002145-9544Colorectal cancer, hereditary nonpolyposis, MLH1-relatedMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey MLH1 2018 2018-09-21
OMIA 002160-9544Colorectal cancer, hereditary nonpolyposis, MSH6-relatedMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey MSH6 2018 2018-09-21
OMIA 001515-9615Colorectal hamartomatous polyposis and ganglioneuromatosisCanis lupus familiarisdog PTEN 2011 2011-12-12
OMIA 001340-9913Complex vertebral malformationBos tauruscattle SLC35A3 2006 2020-04-05
OMIA 002163-9544Cone dystrophy 4, PDE6C-relatedMacaca mulattaRhesus monkey PDE6C 2019 2019-02-05
OMIA 001674-9615Cone-rod dystrophy 1Canis lupus familiarisdog PDE6B 2013 2013-09-24
OMIA 001675-9615Cone-rod dystrophy 2Canis lupus familiarisdog IQCB1 2013 2021-08-18
OMIA 001675-61379Cone-rod dystrophy 2Felis nigripesblack-footed cat IQCB1 2017 2017-03-24
OMIA 001520-9615Cone-rod dystrophy 3Canis lupus familiarisdog ADAM9 2010 2013-05-21
OMIA 001432-9615Cone-rod dystrophy 4Canis lupus familiarisdog sRPGRIP1, MAP9 2006 2018-01-20
OMIA 001929-9823Cone-rod dystrophy 6Sus scrofapig 2021-07-14
OMIA 001455-9615Cone-rod dystrophy, Standard Wire-haired DachshundCanis lupus familiarisdog NPHP4 2008 2014-09-10
OMIA 002375-9913Congenital disorder of glycosylation, GALNT2-relatedBos tauruscattle GALNT2 2021 2022-02-24
OMIA 000313-9913Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia with dyskeratosis and progressive alopeciaBos tauruscattle 2012-12-28
OMIA 001683-9615Congenital keratoconjunctivitis sicca and ichthyosiform dermatosisCanis lupus familiarisdog FAM83H 2012 2021-08-22
OMIA 001938-9796Congenital liver fibrosis (CLF)Equus caballushorse 2014-11-03
OMIA 001450-9913Congenital muscular dystonia 1Bos tauruscattle ATP2A1 2008 2013-08-16
OMIA 001451-9913Congenital muscular dystonia 2Bos tauruscattle LOC528050 2008 2021-09-01
OMIA 002459-9615Congenital muscular dystrophy, LAMA2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LAMA2 2021 2022-01-29
OMIA 001511-9913Contractural arachnodactyly (Fawn calf syndrome)Bos tauruscattle ADAMTSL3 2014 2021-04-17
OMIA 002244-9615Craniomandibular osteopathy, SLC37A2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC37A2 2016 2020-02-18
OMIA 001224-9986CraniosynostosisOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-08-22
OMIA 000238-8932CrazyColumba liviarock pigeon 2016-08-05
OMIA 000240-8843CrestAnser anserdomestic goose 2021-06-16
OMIA 000240-8932CrestColumba liviarock pigeon EPHB2 2013 2020-04-02
OMIA 000240-9031CrestGallus galluschicken HOXC10 2021 2021-03-23
OMIA 000240-328808CrestStreptopelia risoriaringneck dove EphB2 2015 2016-08-05
OMIA 001418-9615Cricopharyngeal dysfunctionCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-06-18
OMIA 002464-9823Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome, NLRP3-relatedSus scrofapig NLRP3 2020 2021-12-26
OMIA 000244-9685CurlFelis catusdomestic cat 2020-08-20
OMIA 000245-9615Curly coatCanis lupus familiarisdog KRT71 2009 2021-08-11
OMIA 000245-9796Curly coatEquus caballushorse KRT25 2017 2019-03-14
OMIA 000245-9685Curly coatFelis catusdomestic cat 2011-07-20
OMIA 001581-9685Curly coat, Devon rexFelis catusdomestic cat KRT71 2010 2014-05-30
OMIA 000246-9913Curly coat, karakul-typeBos tauruscattle KRT27 2014 2019-03-02
OMIA 001582-9685Curly coat, Oregon rexFelis catusdomestic cat 2011-07-20
OMIA 001712-9685Curly coat, Selkirk rexFelis catusdomestic cat KRT71 2013 2013-06-20
OMIA 002273-9685Curly coat, Ural RexFelis catusdomestic cat LIPH 2020 2020-06-02
OMIA 001684-9685Curly/woolly coat, Cornish Rex and German RexFelis catusdomestic cat LPAR6 2013 2022-02-03
OMIA 001212-9986Curvature of distal forelegOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 000249-9986CyclopiaOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001794-9669Cystic fibrosisMustela putorius furodomestic ferret 2016-09-29
OMIA 001794-9823Cystic fibrosisSus scrofapig 2021-08-28
OMIA 002023-9685Cystinuria, type BFelis catusdomestic cat SLC7A9 2016 2022-03-31
OMIA 000256-9615Cystinuria, type I - ACanis lupus familiarisdog SLC3A1 2000 2013-09-07
OMIA 000256-9685Cystinuria, type I - AFelis catusdomestic cat SLC3A1 2014 2016-08-04
OMIA 001879-9615Cystinuria, type II - ACanis lupus familiarisdog SLC3A1 2013 2013-09-06
OMIA 001880-9615Cystinuria, type II - BCanis lupus familiarisdog SLC7A9 2013 2013-09-06
OMIA 001881-9615Cystinuria, type IIICanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-09-06
OMIA 002265-9615Darier diseaseCanis lupus familiarisdog ATP2A2 2020 2022-04-22
OMIA 000259-452646DeafnessNeovison visonAmerican mink 2011-11-28
OMIA 001727-9615Deafness, adult-onsetCanis lupus familiarisdog 2016-04-11
OMIA 002148-9615Deafness, bilateral, and vestibular dysfunctionCanis lupus familiarisdog MYO7A 2019 2019-05-22
OMIA 002148-9823Deafness, bilateral, and vestibular dysfunctionSus scrofapig MYO7A 2021 2021-05-26
OMIA 002550-9615Deafness, EPS8L2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog EPS8L2 2022 2022-04-11
OMIA 002439-9823Deafness, GJB2-relatedSus scrofapig 2021-09-27
OMIA 002336-9615Deafness, LOXHD1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LOXHD1 2021 2021-05-15
OMIA 002413-9940Deafness, OTOF-relatedOvis ariessheep 2021-08-30
OMIA 002196-9615Deafness, unilateral and vestibular dysfunctionCanis lupus familiarisdog PTPRQ 2018 2019-05-22
OMIA 001587-9615Deficiency of cytosolic arylamine N-acetylationCanis lupus familiarisdog 1997 2020-04-16
OMIA 001587-9685Deficiency of cytosolic arylamine N-acetylationFelis catusdomestic cat 1998 2020-04-16
OMIA 000262-9913Deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthaseBos tauruscattle UMPS 1993 2021-09-11
OMIA 001586-9685Deficient acetaminophen glucuronidationFelis catusdomestic cat UGT1A6 2000 2012-09-17
OMIA 000263-9615Degenerative myelopathyCanis lupus familiarisdog sSOD1, SP110 2009 2022-01-09
OMIA 000267-9986Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol seizureOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2011-09-15
OMIA 002015-9615Dental hypomineralizationCanis lupus familiarisdog FAM20C 2016 2016-05-26
OMIA 002465-9615Dental-skeletal-retinal anomaly, MIA3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog MIA3 2021 2021-10-29
OMIA 001931-9913Depigmentation associated with microphthalmiaBos tauruscattle MITF 2014 2014-09-22
OMIA 001195-9615DermatofibrosisCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000272-9615Dermoid sinusCanis lupus familiarisdog sFGF4 retrogene on CFA12, FGF19, FGF3, ORAOV1 2007 2022-04-22
OMIA 002103-9913Developmental duplicationsBos tauruscattle NHLRC2 2014 2022-04-01
OMIA 000278-93934Diabetes insipidusCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2016-04-26
OMIA 000278-9031Diabetes insipidusGallus galluschicken 2016-04-26
OMIA 000284-9823Diabetes mellitus, type IISus scrofapig 2021-12-26
OMIA 002173-9615Diffuse cystic renal dysplasia and hepatic fibrosisCanis lupus familiarisdog INPP5E 2018 2019-03-02
OMIA 001776-9685Dihydropyrimidinase deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat DPYS 2012 2020-05-15
OMIA 001501-9615Dilute coat color with neurological defectsCanis lupus familiarisdog MYO5A 2021 2021-10-29
OMIA 001501-9796Dilute coat color with neurological defectsEquus caballushorse MYO5A 2010 2022-04-25
OMIA 001546-9031Diplopodia-1Gallus galluschicken 2020-05-14
OMIA 001149-9031Diplopodia-2Gallus galluschicken 2011-02-26
OMIA 001148-9031Diplopodia-3Gallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 001254-9031Diplopodia-4Gallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 000289-9031Diplopodia-5Gallus galluschicken 2011-02-26
OMIA 001680-9913Dominant white with bilateral deafnessBos tauruscattle MITF 2011 2017-09-19
OMIA 001680-452646Dominant white with bilateral deafnessNeovison visonAmerican mink MITF 2019 2020-06-02
OMIA 001643-10036DuperMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2020-08-20
OMIA 000296-9031Duplex combGallus galluschicken EOMES 2015 2015-03-23
OMIA 001271-9913Dwarfism, ACAN-relatedBos tauruscattle ACAN 2007 2019-03-28
OMIA 001271-9796Dwarfism, ACAN-relatedEquus caballushorse ACAN 2017 2021-08-30
OMIA 000302-9940Dwarfism, AnconOvis ariessheep 2016-04-28
OMIA 000303-9031Dwarfism, autosomalGallus galluschicken C1H12ORF23 2018 2019-03-21
OMIA 000306-9031Dwarfism, crooked neckGallus galluschicken 2011-02-26
OMIA 001998-9986Dwarfism, DahlemOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-28
OMIA 001659-9913Dwarfism, dominantBos tauruscattle 2011-10-24
OMIA 001985-9913Dwarfism, FleckviehBos tauruscattle GON4L 2016 2021-09-16
OMIA 002068-9796Dwarfism, FriesianEquus caballushorse B4GALT7 2016 2021-11-02
OMIA 000299-9986Dwarfism, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit HMGA2 2017 2022-01-18
OMIA 001473-9915Dwarfism, growth-hormone deficiencyBos indicuszebu GH1 2009 2021-07-11
OMIA 001473-9615Dwarfism, growth-hormone deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog GH1 2020 2020-07-24
OMIA 001294-9913Dwarfism, growth-hormone-receptor deficiencyBos tauruscattle 2013-08-05
OMIA 001296-9615Dwarfism, hypochondroplasticCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-08-05
OMIA 001323-9823Dwarfism, LaronSus scrofapig 2022-01-30
OMIA 000307-9615Dwarfism, pituitary, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog sPOU1F1, LHX3 2011 2021-03-05
OMIA 002314-9615Dwarfism, pituitary, LHX3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LHX3 2011 2021-06-17
OMIA 002315-9615Dwarfism, pituitary, POU1F1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog POU1F1 2021 2021-03-05
OMIA 001485-9913Dwarfism, PRKG2-relatedBos tauruscattle PRKG2 2009 2011-12-09
OMIA 001485-9615Dwarfism, PRKG2-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PRKG2 2021 2021-10-29
OMIA 000308-9913Dwarfism, proportionateBos tauruscattle 2020-09-14
OMIA 001686-9913Dwarfism, proportionate, with inflammatory lesionsBos tauruscattle RNF11 2012 2017-07-11
OMIA 001718-9823Dwarfism, Schmid metaphyseal chondrodysplasiaSus scrofapig COL10A1 2000 2012-09-17
OMIA 000309-9031Dwarfism, sex-linkedGallus galluschicken GHR 1994 2016-09-29
OMIA 000310-9913Dwarfism, snorterBos tauruscattle 2011-09-16
OMIA 000311-9913Dwarfism, stumpyBos tauruscattle 2011-10-17
OMIA 002084-9615Dyskinesia, paroxysmal, PIGN-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PIGN 2016 2016-12-01
OMIA 002322-9615Dyskinesia, paroxysmal, SOD1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SOD1 2021 2022-01-09
OMIA 001756-9031Dysplastic remigesGallus galluschicken 2012-11-28
OMIA 002069-10036Dystonia, genericMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2022-05-12
OMIA 000316-9031Ear tuftednessGallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 001297-9615Early retinal degenerationCanis lupus familiarisdog STK38L 2010 2011-12-12
OMIA 000317-9913Ears, cropBos tauruscattle HMX1 2013 2013-11-08
OMIA 000319-9685Ears, folded (drop vs prick)Felis catusdomestic cat TRPV4 2016 2021-08-22
OMIA 000319-9823Ears, folded (drop vs prick)Sus scrofapig MSRB3 2018 2020-04-19
OMIA 000320-9685Ears, fourFelis catusdomestic cat 2011-10-03
OMIA 000323-9615Ectodermal dysplasiaCanis lupus familiarisdog FOXI3 2008 2016-01-06
OMIA 002157-9986Ectodermal dysplasia-9Oryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2019-09-20
OMIA 002157-9823Ectodermal dysplasia-9Sus scrofapig 2021-02-23
OMIA 001864-9615Ectodermal dysplasia/skin fragility syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog PKP1 2012 2017-07-13
OMIA 002165-9615Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, classic type, 1Canis lupus familiarisdog COL5A1 2019 2019-09-26
OMIA 002165-9685Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, classic type, 1Felis catusdomestic cat COL5A1 2018 2019-02-11
OMIA 002295-9913Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, classic type, 2Bos tauruscattle COL5A2 2020 2020-11-04
OMIA 002203-9615Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, classic-like, 1Canis lupus familiarisdog TNXB 2019 2022-01-03
OMIA 001716-9913Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, EPYC-relatedBos tauruscattle EPYC 1999 2018-05-29
OMIA 000327-9615Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-07-16
OMIA 000327-9796Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericEquus caballushorse PPIB 2007 2021-10-29
OMIA 000327-9685Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericFelis catusdomestic cat 2018-05-28
OMIA 000327-452646Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericNeovison visonAmerican mink 2013-11-09
OMIA 000327-9986Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2005-07-16
OMIA 000327-9940Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, genericOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001982-9796Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, type VI (Fragile Foal Syndrome)Equus caballushorse PLOD1 2011 2022-02-21
OMIA 000328-9913Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type VII (Dermatosparaxis)Bos tauruscattle ADAMTS2 1999 2016-10-28
OMIA 000328-9615Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type VII (Dermatosparaxis)Canis lupus familiarisdog ADAMTS2 2019 2019-09-21
OMIA 000328-9685Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type VII (Dermatosparaxis)Felis catusdomestic cat 2005-07-16
OMIA 000328-9940Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, type VII (Dermatosparaxis)Ovis ariessheep ADAMTS2 2012 2017-11-21
OMIA 001318-9615ElliptocytosisCanis lupus familiarisdog SPTB 2009 2011-12-12
OMIA 002325-9685Encephalopathy, ASPA-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat 2021 2021-04-14
OMIA 002537-9541Encephalopathy, STXBP1-relatedMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque STXBP1 2022 2022-03-16
OMIA 001209-9031Endogenous viral element 1Gallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 002526-9685Enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma, inducer ofFelis catusdomestic cat STAT5B 2021 2022-02-03
OMIA 000340-9913Epidermolysis bullosaBos tauruscattle 2016-11-29
OMIA 000341-9913Epidermolysis bullosa, dystrophicBos tauruscattle COL7A1 2012 2016-12-06
OMIA 000341-9615Epidermolysis bullosa, dystrophicCanis lupus familiarisdog COL7A1 2003 2020-12-17
OMIA 000341-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, dystrophicOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001948-9913Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, ITGB4-relatedBos tauruscattle ITGB4 2015 2015-05-17
OMIA 001948-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, ITGB4-relatedOvis ariessheep ITGB4 2015 2020-11-30
OMIA 001677-9913Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMA3-relatedBos tauruscattle LAMA3 2015 2015-09-28
OMIA 001677-9615Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMA3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LAMA3 2005 2021-09-02
OMIA 001677-9796Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMA3-relatedEquus caballushorse LAMA3 2009 2013-12-11
OMIA 002269-9615Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMB3-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog LAMB3 2020 2020-09-11
OMIA 001678-9913Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMC2-relatedBos tauruscattle LAMC2 2015 2015-04-22
OMIA 001678-9796Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMC2-relatedEquus caballushorse LAMC2 2002 2022-04-30
OMIA 001678-9940Epidermolysis bullosa, junctionalis, LAMC2-relatedOvis ariessheep LAMC2 2011 2013-11-25
OMIA 002082-89462Epidermolysis bullosa, simplexBubalus bubaliswater buffalo 2020-07-16
OMIA 002281-9685Epidermolysis bullosa, simplex, KRT14-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat KRT14 2020 2020-07-16
OMIA 002081-9913Epidermolysis bullosa, simplex, KRT5-relatedBos tauruscattle KRT5 2005 2020-11-05
OMIA 002080-9615Epidermolysis bullosa, simplex, PLEC-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PLEC 2016 2016-11-30
OMIA 000343-9913Epididymal aplasiaBos tauruscattle 2011-10-24
OMIA 000344-9913EpilepsyBos tauruscattle

Gene not yet published

OMIA 000344-9031EpilepsyGallus galluschicken LOC430486 2011 2011-12-09
OMIA 000344-9986EpilepsyOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001596-9615Epilepsy, benign familial juvenileCanis lupus familiarisdog LGI2 2011 2013-05-22
OMIA 002095-9615Epilepsy, generalized myoclonic, with photosensitivityCanis lupus familiarisdog DIRAS1 2017 2017-02-23
OMIA 002324-9615Epilepsy, mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration, PITRM1-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog PITRM1 2021 2021-04-14
OMIA 001592-9615Episodic fallingCanis lupus familiarisdog BCAN 2012 2017-07-13
OMIA 000348-9913Epitheliogenesis imperfectaBos tauruscattle 2005-09-06
OMIA 000348-9685Epitheliogenesis imperfectaFelis catusdomestic cat 2005-09-06
OMIA 000348-9940Epitheliogenesis imperfectaOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002025-8932ErraticColumba liviarock pigeon 2016-08-05
OMIA 000350-9031EudiplopodiaGallus galluschicken 2011-02-26
OMIA 002140-9615Exercise induced metabolic myopathyCanis lupus familiarisdog ACADVL 2018 2018-03-05
OMIA 002407-9940Exercise intolerance, cytochrome B-relatedOvis ariessheep CYTB 2019 2021-08-28
OMIA 001466-9615Exercise-induced collapseCanis lupus familiarisdog DNM1 2008 2022-01-12
OMIA 001609-9615Exfoliative cutaneous lupus erythematosusCanis lupus familiarisdog UNC93B1 2020 2020-02-12
OMIA 000354-9796Exostoses, multipleEquus caballushorse 2011-09-05
OMIA 000357-8128Eye colourOreochromis niloticusNile tilapia 2021-05-26
OMIA 002416-8932Eye colour, SLC2A11B-relatedColumba liviarock pigeon SLC2A11B 2021 2021-09-03
OMIA 002208-9615Eye malformation, SIX6-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog SIX6 2019 2021-09-30
OMIA 001868-9986Eye, blueOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2013-08-16
OMIA 002008-9986Eye, redOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-05-03
OMIA 002239-9615Facial dysmorphiaCanis lupus familiarisdog 2020-01-31
OMIA 002090-9913Facial dysplasia syndromeBos tauruscattle FGFR2 2017 2017-08-09
OMIA 000361-9615Factor VII deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog F7 2005 2021-10-03
OMIA 000361-9783Factor VII deficiencyElephas maximusAsiatic elephant F7 2017 2017-01-26
OMIA 000362-9615Factor X deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000363-9913Factor XI deficiencyBos tauruscattle F11 2000 2021-09-09
OMIA 000363-9615Factor XI deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog F11 2006 2011-12-12
OMIA 000364-9615Factor XII deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000364-9685Factor XII deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat F12 2015 2021-09-17
OMIA 000365-9031Faded shakerGallus galluschicken 2011-04-05
OMIA 001916-9615Familial adenomatous polyposisCanis lupus familiarisdog APC 2020 2021-01-22
OMIA 001916-9823Familial adenomatous polyposisSus scrofapig 2021-12-26
OMIA 000366-9913Fanconi syndromeBos tauruscattle SLC2A2 2016 2018-03-23
OMIA 000366-9615Fanconi syndromeCanis lupus familiarisdog

Gene not yet published

2011 2021-08-26
OMIA 000368-8990Feather colourNumididaeguineafowls 2020-05-15
OMIA 000369-9031Feather colour, albinismGallus galluschicken TYR 2000 2021-08-31
OMIA 000369-13146Feather colour, albinismMelopsittacus undulatusbudgerigar 2011-10-23
OMIA 000370-93934Feather colour, albinism, sex-linked, imperfectCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail SLC45A2 2007 2017-02-02
OMIA 000370-9031Feather colour, albinism, sex-linked, imperfectGallus galluschicken 2017-12-10
OMIA 000370-9103Feather colour, albinism, sex-linked, imperfectMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2011-10-24
OMIA 001654-8932Feather colour, almondColumba liviarock pigeon MLANA 2020 2020-06-03
OMIA 001447-93934Feather colour, beigeCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2008-01-24
OMIA 001262-93934Feather colour, black at hatchCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-10-25
OMIA 001701-9031Feather colour, blueGallus galluschicken 2012-07-06
OMIA 001701-13146Feather colour, blueMelopsittacus undulatusbudgerigar LOC101880715 2017 2019-03-21
OMIA 002156-46218Feather colour, Blue FaceCoturnix chinensisChinese painted quail MC1R 2018 2018-08-03
OMIA 001494-9103Feather colour, bronzeMeleagris gallopavoturkey MC1R 2010 2011-12-12
OMIA 001642-93934Feather colour, brown-splashed whiteCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2011-10-24
OMIA 001641-93934Feather colour, buffCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2011-10-24
OMIA 001259-9031Feather colour, chocolateGallus galluschicken TYRP1 2018 2019-05-30
OMIA 001569-9031Feather colour, dark brownGallus galluschicken SOX10 2011 2022-03-10
OMIA 001288-93934Feather colour, dilute down lethalCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA 002249-8855Feather colour, dilution, genericCairina moschataMuscovy duck 2020-03-02
OMIA 001445-93934Feather colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail MLPH 2012 2013-05-04
OMIA 001445-9031Feather colour, dilution, MLPH-relatedGallus galluschicken MLPH 2008 2017-09-01
OMIA 002191-93934Feather colour, dilution, PMEL-relatedCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail PMEL 2018 2020-03-02
OMIA 000373-9031Feather colour, dominant whiteGallus galluschicken PMEL 2004 2022-02-23
OMIA 001151-9031Feather colour, eumelanin dilution blueGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 001152-9031Feather colour, eumelanin extensionGallus galluschicken GJA5 2021 2021-10-08
OMIA 001153-9031Feather colour, eumelanin restrictorGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 000374-70340Feather colour, extended blackAnser caerulescens caerulescensLesser snow goose MC1R 2004 2019-09-13
OMIA 000374-87177Feather colour, extended blackCoereba flaveolaBananaquit MC1R 2001 2012-03-21
OMIA 000374-8932Feather colour, extended blackColumba liviarock pigeon 2020-04-02
OMIA 000374-8868Feather colour, extended blackCygnus atratusblack swan 2011-10-12
OMIA 000374-495946Feather colour, extended blackFalco eleonoraeEleonora's falcon MC1R 2011 2021-08-10
OMIA 000374-120794Feather colour, extended blackFalco rusticolusgyrfalcon MC1R 2012 2021-08-10
OMIA 000374-9031Feather colour, extended blackGallus galluschicken MC1R 2003 2021-09-27
OMIA 000374-338458Feather colour, extended blackMonarcha castaneiventris MC1R 2009 2012-03-22
OMIA 000374-8996Feather colour, extended blackNumida meleagrishelmeted guineafowl MC1R 2010 2012-03-22
OMIA 000374-198806Feather colour, extended blackPhilomachus pugnaxruff MC1R 2016 2020-05-15
OMIA 000374-54059Feather colour, extended blackStercorarius parasiticusArctic skua MC1R 2004 2021-08-10
OMIA 000374-57661Feather colour, extended blackSula leucogasterbrown booby MC1R 2012 2012-08-22
OMIA 000374-57662Feather colour, extended blackSula sulared-footed booby MC1R 2007 2019-09-13
OMIA 001435-93934Feather colour, extended brownCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail MC1R 2006 2021-08-30
OMIA 001653-8932Feather colour, fadedColumba liviarock pigeon 2011-10-24
OMIA 002061-345164Feather colour, light brownFalco cherrugSaker falcon TYRP1 2016 2020-05-15
OMIA 001193-93934Feather colour, light down lethalCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA 002278-9135Feather colour, mosaicSerinus canariacommon canary 2020-06-17
OMIA 001904-9031Feather colour, mottlingGallus galluschicken EDNRB2 2014 2014-01-29
OMIA 000744-93934Feather colour, orangeCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2020-08-20
OMIA 000375-8839Feather colour, panda/dotted whiteAnas platyrhynchosMallard EDNRB2 2016 2021-06-01
OMIA 000375-93934Feather colour, panda/dotted whiteCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail EDNRB2 2007 2012-03-21
OMIA 002190-8932Feather colour, recessive redColumba liviarock pigeon SOX10 2014 2019-04-06
OMIA 001252-8843Feather colour, recessive whiteAnser anserdomestic goose EDNRB2 2020 2020-02-25
OMIA 001252-9031Feather colour, recessive whiteGallus galluschicken 2020-02-25
OMIA 001446-93934Feather colour, recessive white (Japanese quail)Coturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2021-08-11
OMIA 002019-273489Feather colour, redCarduelis cucullatared siskin 2016-06-02
OMIA 002155-46218Feather colour, Red BreastedCoturnix chinensisChinese painted quail MC1R 2018 2018-08-03
OMIA 002408-44316Feather colour, red-headedErythrura gouldiaeGouldian finch 2021-11-03
OMIA 001322-93934Feather colour, rouxCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail TYRP1 2007 2012-03-21
OMIA 001603-93934Feather colour, rustyCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2011-09-12
OMIA 000915-93934Feather colour, silverCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail MITF 1998 2017-07-14
OMIA 000915-9031Feather colour, silverGallus galluschicken SLC45A2 2007 2017-12-10
OMIA 000376-9031Feather colour, snow white downGallus galluschicken 2011-10-17
OMIA 001068-9031Feather colour, white wingGallus galluschicken 2011-11-04
OMIA 001602-93934Feather colour, yellowCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail ASIP 2008 2021-08-30
OMIA 001602-338458Feather colour, yellowMonarcha castaneiventris 2016-10-31
OMIA 000377-9031Feather curlingGallus galluschicken 2005-09-06
OMIA 001751-9031Feather textureGallus galluschicken 2012-11-26
OMIA 002106-13146Feather, abnormal growthMelopsittacus undulatusbudgerigar 2017-05-19
OMIA 001604-93934Feather, curlyCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2011-09-12
OMIA 001755-9031Feathering, abnormalGallus galluschicken 2012-11-28
OMIA 001284-9103Feathering, inhibitedMeleagris gallopavoturkey 2021-08-26
OMIA 000380-9031Feathering, Z-linkedGallus galluschicken PRLR 2008 2021-01-28
OMIA 000380-9103Feathering, Z-linkedMeleagris gallopavoturkey PRLR 2018 2020-05-15
OMIA 000380-8996Feathering, Z-linkedNumida meleagrishelmeted guineafowl 2020-08-20
OMIA 001885-9940Fecundity, B4GALNT2-relatedOvis ariessheep B4GALNT2 2013 2013-11-14
OMIA 002306-9940Fecundity, BMP15-relatedOvis ariessheep BMP15 2000 2022-01-14
OMIA 002306-9823Fecundity, BMP15-relatedSus scrofapig BMP15 2021 2021-01-10
OMIA 000383-9940Fecundity, BMPR1B-relatedOvis ariessheep BMPR1B 2001 2022-01-30
OMIA 001802-9940Fecundity, Davisdale, FecDOvis ariessheep 2013-05-04
OMIA 002362-9925Fecundity, GDF9-relatedCapra hircusgoat GDF9 2016 2021-06-25
OMIA 002362-9940Fecundity, GDF9-relatedOvis ariessheep GDF9 2004 2022-01-09
OMIA 000387-9940Fecundity, JavaOvis ariessheep 2013-05-04
OMIA 001862-9940Fecundity, Wishart, FecWOvis ariessheep 2013-06-28
OMIA 001338-9940Fecundity, WoodlandsOvis ariessheep 2020-05-15
OMIA 001580-9685Feet, white (gloving)Felis catusdomestic cat KIT 2010 2021-01-09
OMIA 000388-9685Fibrodysplasia ossificansFelis catusdomestic cat ACVR1 2019 2019-04-25
OMIA 001528-9940Fleece variation (woolly vs hairy)Ovis ariessheep IRF2BP2 2017 2017-09-01
OMIA 001460-75012Flesh colourPardosa agrestis 2016-10-30
OMIA 001460-102329Flesh colourPinctada margaritifera 2016-10-30
OMIA 002366-9685Forebrain commissural malformation, ventriculomegaly and interhemispheric cysts, GDF7-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat GDF7 2020 2021-07-11
OMIA 001442-9913Forelimb-girdle muscular anomalyBos tauruscattle GFRA1 2013 2013-01-04
OMIA 000392-9940Fragile siteOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 002455-9483Fragile X syndrome, FMR1-relatedCallithrix jacchuswhite-tufted-ear marmoset 2021-10-19
OMIA 000394-9031Frizzle, KRT6A-relatedGallus galluschicken KRT6A 2012 2022-01-13
OMIA 002486-9031Frizzle, KRT75L4-relatedGallus galluschicken KRT75L4 2018 2021-12-22
OMIA 002307-9913Frontonasal dysplasiaBos tauruscattle ZIC2 2021 2021-01-24
OMIA 000396-9615Fucosidosis, alphaCanis lupus familiarisdog FUCA1 1996 2012-09-03
OMIA 000396-9685Fucosidosis, alphaFelis catusdomestic cat 2005-09-06
OMIA 000397-10036Fur deficiencyMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-10-19
OMIA 002002-9986FurlessOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-05-02
OMIA 000398-10036FurlossMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster 2011-10-19
OMIA 002001-9986Furnishings (ears)Oryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001531-9615Furnishings (moustache and eyebrows)Canis lupus familiarisdog RSPO2 2009 2013-05-22
OMIA 001144-9322GalactosemiaMacropus sp.kangaroo 2011-11-25
OMIA 001524-9615Gallbladder mucocelesCanis lupus familiarisdog ABCB4 2010 2022-02-04
OMIA 000401-8790GangliosidosisDromaius novaehollandiaeemu 2020-05-15
OMIA 000402-9913Gangliosidosis, GM1Bos tauruscattle 2005-09-06
OMIA 000402-9615Gangliosidosis, GM1Canis lupus familiarisdog GLB1 2000 2022-01-25
OMIA 000402-9685Gangliosidosis, GM1Felis catusdomestic cat GLB1 2008 2016-11-09
OMIA 000402-9940Gangliosidosis, GM1Ovis ariessheep GLB1 2012 2018-02-08
OMIA 000403-9615Gangliosidosis, GM2, genericCanis lupus familiarisdog 2012-07-08
OMIA 000403-9685Gangliosidosis, GM2, genericFelis catusdomestic cat 2008-09-20
OMIA 000403-9823Gangliosidosis, GM2, genericSus scrofapig 2005-09-06
OMIA 001427-9615Gangliosidosis, GM2, GM2A deficiencyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2006-06-27
OMIA 001427-9685Gangliosidosis, GM2, GM2A deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat GM2A 2005 2013-05-29
OMIA 001461-9615Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Canis lupus familiarisdog HEXA 2013 2014-02-26
OMIA 001461-9888Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Muntiacus muntjakmuntjak 2008-09-20
OMIA 001461-9940Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Ovis ariessheep HEXA 2010 2021-09-17
OMIA 001461-9217Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Phoenicopterus ruberAmerican flamingo HEXA 2008 2020-05-15
OMIA 001461-9823Gangliosidosis, GM2, type I (B variant)Sus scrofapig HEXA 2021 2021-06-16
OMIA 001462-59523Gangliosidosis, GM2, type II (Sandhoff or variant 0)Antidorcas marsupialisspringbok 2014-09-22
OMIA 001462-9615Gangliosidosis, GM2, type II (Sandhoff or variant 0)Canis lupus familiarisdog HEXB 2012 2019-03-29
OMIA 001462-9685Gangliosidosis, GM2, type II (Sandhoff or variant 0)Felis catusdomestic cat HEXB 1994 2022-02-23
OMIA 001516-9615Gastrointestinal stromal tumourCanis lupus familiarisdog KIT 2010 2022-02-03
OMIA 000405-9615Gaucher disease, type ICanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-09-06
OMIA 000405-9940Gaucher disease, type IOvis ariessheep GBA 2011 2017-10-17
OMIA 002017-9685Glaucoma 3, primary congenitalFelis catusdomestic cat LTBP2 2016 2016-05-27
OMIA 000411-93934Glaucoma, genericCoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA 000411-9986Glaucoma, genericOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2016-04-29
OMIA 001871-9615Glaucoma, primary closed-angleCanis lupus familiarisdog 2022-01-14
OMIA 001870-9615Glaucoma, primary open angle, ADAMTS10-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ADAMTS10 2011 2016-05-25
OMIA 001976-9615Glaucoma, primary open angle, ADAMTS17-relatedCanis lupus familiarisdog ADAMTS17 2015 2021-12-16
OMIA 000414-9615GlomerulonephropathyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2005-10-25
OMIA 000415-9615Glossopharyngeal defectCanis lupus familiarisdog 2011-10-18
OMIA 002254-9615Glucocorticoid resistanceCanis lupus familiarisdog NR3C1 2019 2020-05-15
OMIA 000416-9796Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencyEquus caballushorse 2005-09-06
OMIA 000416-9685Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencyFelis catusdomestic cat 2005-09-06
OMIA 001261-9615Gluten-sensitive enteropathyCanis lupus familiarisdog 2013-08-05
OMIA 000418-9615Glycogen storage disease IaCanis lupus familiarisdog G6PC 1997 2021-10-08
OMIA 000419-9913Glycogen storage disease IIBos tauruscattle GAA 2000 2021-11-24
OMIA 000419-9615Glycogen storage disease IICanis lupus familiarisdog GAA 2013 2013-05-17
OMIA 000419-93934Glycogen storage disease IICoturnix japonicaJapanese quail 2005-09-06
OMIA 000419-9685Glycogen storage disease IIFelis catusdomestic cat 2022-01-14
OMIA 000419-9940Glycogen storage disease IIOvis ariessheep 2005-09-06
OMIA 001577-9615Glycogen storage disease IIIaCanis lupus familiarisdog AGL 2007 2013-04-25
OMIA 000420-9796Glycogen storage disease IVEquus caballushorse GBE1 2004 2022-04-30
OMIA 000420-9685Glycogen storage disease IVFelis catusdomestic cat GBE1 2007 2011-12-09
OMIA 001139-9913Glycogen storage disease VBos tauruscattle PYGM 1996 2015-09-28
OMIA 001139-9940Glycogen storage disease VOvis ariessheep PYGM 1997 2012-09-03
OMIA 000421-9615Glycogen storage disease VIICanis lupus familiarisdog PFKM 1996 2022-04-22
OMIA 000424-9913Goitre, familialBos tauruscattle TG 1987 2021-11-24
OMIA 000424-9925Goitre, familialCapra hircusgoat TG 1993 2012-02-03
OMIA 000424-9940Goitre, familialOvis ariessheep 2012-05-21
OMIA 001572-9615Golden Retriever progressive retinal atrophy 1Canis lupus familiarisdog SLC4A3 2011 2021-09-28
OMIA 001984-9615Golden Retriever progressive retinal atrophy 2Canis lupus familiarisdog TTC8 2014 2021-09-26
OMIA 000426-9913Gonadal hypoplasiaBos tauruscattle KIT 2013 2013-10-13
OMIA 001223-9615GoniodysgenesisCanis lupus familiarisdog 2019-06-03
OMIA 001958-9913Growth retardation due to haplotype FH2Bos tauruscattle 2016-04-13
OMIA 000437-9913Haemophilia ABos tauruscattle F8 2009 2019-03-02
OMIA 000437-9615Haemophilia ACanis lupus familiarisdog F8 2002 2021-10-03
OMIA 000437-9796Haemophilia AEquus caballushorse 2020-06-02
OMIA 000437-9685Haemophilia AFelis catusdomestic cat 2013-08-29
OMIA 000437-9541Haemophilia AMacaca fasciculariscrab-eating macaque 2022-01-21
OMIA 000437-9940Haemophilia AOvis ariessheep F8 2010 2020-05-22
OMIA 000437-9823Haemophilia ASus scrofapig 2021-06-25
OMIA 000438-9615Haemophilia BCanis lupus familiarisdog F9 1989 2021-10-18
OMIA 000438-9685Haemophilia BFelis catusdomestic cat F9 2005 2012-12-03
OMIA 000438-9823Haemophilia BSus scrofapig 2021-12-26
OMIA 002452-9685Hair shaft dysplasia, DSG4-relatedFelis catusdomestic cat DSG4 2021 2022-02-12
OMIA 000439-9913Hair, longBos tauruscattle 2016-09-15
OMIA 000439-9838Hair, longCamelus dromedariusArabian camel FGF5 2021 2021-08-27
OMIA 000439-9615Hair, longCanis lupus familiarisdog FGF5 2006 2013-05-22
OMIA 000439-10141Hair, longCavia porcellusdomestic guinea pig Fgf5 2018 2020-05-15
OMIA 000439-9793Hair, longEquus asinusass FGF5 2014 2016-09-15
OMIA 000439-9685Hair, longFelis catusdomestic cat FGF5 2007 2021-10-22
OMIA 000439-9844Hair, longLama glamallama FGF5 2017 2018-04-11
OMIA 000439-10036Hair, longMesocricetus auratusgolden hamster Fgf5 2014 2016-09-15
OMIA 000439-9986Hair, longOryctolagus cuniculusrabbit 2021-10-26
OMIA 000439-9940Hair, longOvis ariessheep 2021-08-27
OMIA 000441-9913HairyBos tauruscattle PRL 2014 2015-11-12
OMIA 000443-9940Halo hair 1Ovis ariessheep 2012-05-21
OMIA 001907-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 05-1351 and 05-1476Bos tauruscattle 2014-02-12
OMIA 001906-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 05-826Bos tauruscattle 2014-02-12
OMIA 001909-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 07-501Bos tauruscattle 2014-02-12
OMIA 001910-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 11-926, 11-976, 11-1001 and 11,1026Bos tauruscattle 2014-02-12
OMIA 001911-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 19-151Bos tauruscattle 2014-02-12
OMIA 002059-9823Haplotype with homozygous deficiency 8-2026Sus scrofapig 2021-08-24
OMIA 002134-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency AH2Bos tauruscattle RPAP2 2017 2019-04-11
OMIA 001825-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency BH1Bos tauruscattle 2022-01-14
OMIA 002518-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency BH14, MRPL55-relatedBos tauruscattle MRPL55 2021 2022-01-14
OMIA 001939-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency BH2, TUBD1-relatedBos tauruscattle TUBD1 2016 2022-01-14
OMIA 002519-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency BH24, CPT1C-relatedBos tauruscattle CPT1C 2021 2022-01-14
OMIA 002517-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency BH6, MARS2-relatedBos tauruscattle MARS2 2021 2022-01-14
OMIA 001957-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency FH1Bos tauruscattle 2015-04-28
OMIA 001959-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency FH3Bos tauruscattle 2015-04-28
OMIA 001960-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency FH4Bos tauruscattle SUGT1 2015 2015-04-30
OMIA 000001-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH1, APAF1-relatedBos tauruscattle APAF1 2012 2016-06-14
OMIA 001834-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH10Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001833-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH11Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001835-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH12Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001836-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH13Bos tauruscattle KIR2DS1 2022 2022-04-04
OMIA 001837-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH14Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001838-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH15Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001839-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH16Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001840-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH17Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001823-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH2, IFT80-relatedBos tauruscattle IFT80 2021 2021-12-16
OMIA 001908-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH21Bos tauruscattle NOTCH3 2022 2022-04-04
OMIA 002547-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH25Bos tauruscattle RIOX1 2022 2022-04-04
OMIA 001824-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH3Bos tauruscattle SMC2 2013 2022-04-04
OMIA 002548-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH35Bos tauruscattle PCDH15 2022 2022-04-04
OMIA 001826-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH4Bos tauruscattle GART 2013 2015-03-24
OMIA 001941-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH5Bos tauruscattle TFB1M 2016 2016-05-03
OMIA 002149-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH6Bos tauruscattle SDE2 2018 2018-04-20
OMIA 001830-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH7, CENPU relatedBos tauruscattle CENPU 2020 2020-03-14
OMIA 001831-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH8Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001832-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency HH9Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001697-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency JH1Bos tauruscattle CWC15 2013 2020-08-10
OMIA 001942-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency JH2Bos tauruscattle 2015-03-24
OMIA 002184-9823Haplotype with homozygous deficiency LA4Sus scrofapig 2021-08-24
OMIA 001827-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH1Bos tauruscattle PFAS 2013 2020-03-14
OMIA 001849-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH10Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001850-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH11Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001828-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH2Bos tauruscattle SLC37A2 2013 2019-11-19
OMIA 001842-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH3Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001843-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH4Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001844-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH5Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001845-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH6Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001846-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH7Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001847-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH8Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001848-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency MH9Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001851-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH1Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001852-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH2Bos tauruscattle 2019-06-04
OMIA 001853-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH3Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001854-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH4Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001829-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH5Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 001855-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH6Bos tauruscattle 2013-06-14
OMIA 002201-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency NH7, CAD-relatedBos tauruscattle CAD 2019 2020-05-15
OMIA 002515-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency OH2, TUBGCP5-relatedBos tauruscattle TUBGCP5 2021 2022-01-14
OMIA 002516-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency OH4, LIG3-relatedBos tauruscattle LIG3 2021 2022-01-14
OMIA 002505-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency SH5, DIS3-relatedBos tauruscattle DIS3 2021 2022-01-13
OMIA 002508-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency SH8, CYP2B6-relatedBos tauruscattle CYP2B6 2021 2022-01-13
OMIA 002509-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency SH9, NUBPL-relatedBos tauruscattle NUBPL 2021 2022-01-13
OMIA 002395-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, AA14H3Bos tauruscattle 2021-08-25
OMIA 002396-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, CH19H2Bos tauruscattle 2021-08-25
OMIA 002337-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH1Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002346-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH10Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002347-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH11Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002338-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH2Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002339-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH3Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002340-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH4Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002341-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH5Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002343-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH7Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002344-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH8Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 002345-9940Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, LDHH9Ovis ariessheep 2021-05-26
OMIA 001901-9913Haplotype with homozygous deficiency, RNASEH2B-relatedBos tauruscattle RNASEH2B 2014 2022-01-29